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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Vocabulary Words - 04.01.2017

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 Vocabulary Words - 04.01.2017
1. GIGANTIC (ADJECTIVE): very large

Synonyms: enormous, mammoth

Antonyms: dwarf, miniature

Example Sentence:

A series of disasters frustrated the gigantic scheme.


Synonyms: airy, imprecise Antonyms: perceptible, tangible

Example Sentence:

Little things, almost impalpable, had happened to justify that doubt.


Synonyms: appalling, atrocious Antonyms: acceptable, bearable

Example Sentence: 

This was a grievous blow to William, but his courage did not fail.

4. JINX (NOUN): Curse

Synonyms: enchantment, spell Antonyms: boon, benefit

Example Sentence:

Superstitious persons consider number thirteen a jinx.

5. JARGON (NOUN): Language difficult to understand

Synonyms: argot, lingo Antonyms: quiet, sense

Example Sentence: 

It is difficult to understand the jargon of tribal people.

6. CESSATION (NOUN): ending

Synonyms: termination, abeyance Antonyms: persistence, initiation

Example Sentence:

The cessation of the seminar was very clamorous. 

7. PANDEMONIUM (NOUN): craziness

Synonyms: anarchy, tumult Antonyms: calm, order

Example Sentence:

Many people were badly injured during the pandemonium of the riot.

8. OOMPH (NOUN): energy

Synonyms: fortitude, potency Antonyms: enervation, laziness

Example Sentence:

All the oomph in the U.S. economy was delivered by the top 10% of households.

9. RESURRECT (VERB): revive

Synonyms: rejuvenate, renovate Antonyms: agitate, destroy

Example Sentence:

He's not anxious to resurrect any of his prior difficulties.


Synonyms: bombastic, gabby Antonyms: concise, succinct

Example Sentence:

The verbose speaker went well over his ten-minute limit.

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