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    Tuesday, 3 January 2017

    Vocabulary Words - 03.01.2017

    Vocabulary Words - 02.01.2017

    1. ADMONISH(VERB): Warn

    Synonyms: counsel, chastise

    Antonyms: approve, praise

    Example Sentence:

    The police admonished him during the interrogation.

    2. AMPLIFY (VERB): Extend

    Synonyms:elevate, dilation 

    Antonyms: curtail, lessen

    Example Sentence:

    Ram and Shyamalways amplify trivial issues.

    3.ALLEVIATE(VERB): Relieve

    Synonyms:allay, assuage 

    Antonyms: increase, intensify

    Example Sentence: 

    He put on his sunglasses, which did little to alleviate the headache sunlight gave him.


    Synonyms: celebrate, cheer 

    Antonyms: grieve, mourn

    Example Sentence:

    He seemed calm, but inwardly he exulted.

    5. ENCUMBRANCE(NOUN): Burden

    Synonyms: load, debt 

    Antonyms: aid,assistance

    Example Sentence:

    An obstacle that prevents you from accomplishing a desired aim is an example of an encumbrance.

    6.HUSTLE (VERB): Hurry 

    Synonyms: rush, bustle 

    Antonyms: delay, repress

    Example Sentence:

    Why don’t you just hustle out of the town?


    Synonyms:loquacious, voluble 

    Antonyms:reticent, silent

    Example Sentence:

    He is a garrulous person.

    8. HEINOUS(ADJECTIVE): Horrifying

    Synonyms: abhorrent, abominable 

    Antonyms: delightful, friendly

    Example Sentence: 

    Murder is a heinous crime.

    9.INVINCIBLE(ADJECTIVE): Indestructible

    Synonyms : impregnable, indomitable 

    Antonyms: beatable, conquerable

    Example Sentence:

    Thor is an invincible wrestler.


    Synonyms: vapid,tasteless 

    Antonyms: original, sharp

    Example Sentence:

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