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NIACL AO 2022 Preparation Tips and Strategy

NIACL AO 2022 Preparation Tips and Strategy


New India Assurance Company Limited, popularly known as NIACL, is one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. It holds different exams to select students for various positions and openings every year. Thousands of students take these tests because of this fantastic chance. One of the exams is the NIACL AO for generalist and specialized administrative officers, which is very competitive and in high demand.

You may solidify your NIACL AO 2022 preparation with the effective tactics outlined. Candidates who put in persistent efforts and follow a thorough preparation plan will undoubtedly ace the NIACL AO Exam.

Even though the exam dates for 2022 have not been announced, students have begun to prepare. We have provided all the information they will need to the best of our abilities.

NIACL AO 2022 Exam Pattern 

The position of Administrative Officer (Generalist) is a Scale-I position. The exam is held once a year or as frequently as needed. A preliminary exam, the main exam, and an interview are all part of the exam.

  1. Exam Pattern for Preliminary

Below is given the detailed exam pattern for the preliminary paper. This information will help you make a proper NIACL AO Prelims exam analysis and prepare well:

  • The questions are all objective-based.

  • For each incorrect response, 0.25 points will be deducted.

  • The question paper is divided into three pieces.

  • The paper has a one-hour time constraint.




English Language






Quantitative Aptitude



  1. Exam Pattern for Mains

The following is the NIACL AO Mains exam pattern for the main paper:

  • There are objective and descriptive questions throughout the paper.

  • The exam will continue for two hours and thirty minutes.

  • For each incorrect response, 0.25 points will be deducted.

  • Both portions must be completed successfully.







English Language



General Awareness



Quantitative Aptitude



English Language - Descriptive Paper

Letter and essay writing


  1. Interview Round

The following are the specifics of the personality test:

  • It accounts for 20% of the entire exam.

  • It assesses a candidate's personality on a fundamental basis.

NIACL AO 2022 Preparation Tips

Remember these suggestions to improve your exam preparation and score higher. Take a look at the NIACL AO Preparation strategy, detailed below.

  1. Create an effective study plan: 

This is quite important. Make a well-balanced study schedule that includes both preliminary and main tests. Allow enough time for each section's revision and NIACL AO Quiz practice.

  1. Keep Short Notes: 

Keep a running list of critical formulas, shortcuts, new vocabulary, and insurance-related information, and change it regularly.

  1. Perfect Practice Methods: 

Take the NIACL AO Mock test and analyze the answers in a short amount of time. Make progress in the practice tests, and concentrate on your weaker areas. Practice NIACL AO PDF sets covering all parts to improve your accuracy.

  1. Things to Remember From Last Year:

Analyze the previous year's cutoff to learn about the pattern, exam level, types of questions presented, and the most important themes. More NIACL AO previous year papers should be practiced. It will simulate the exam environment and increase your confidence.

  1. Preparation for the English Language:

This section is included in both the Prelims and Mains exams. Reading Comprehension, Active and Passive Voice, Articles, Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Error-Spotting, Sentence Correction, Para Jumbles, and other topics are covered in objective questions. An essay and a letter are descriptive inquiries (formal or informal) examples. To ace this area, read, write, and solve more and more grammatical problems regularly. Make it a practice to read newspapers or books to learn new words and syntax.

  1. Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude:

Average, percentage, speed, time and distance, simplification and approximation, time and work, percentage and probability, partnership, mensuration and geometry, trigonometry, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, and others are some of the essential topics covered in this area. Learn all of the fundamental principles and tables and formulas, and practice as much as possible.

  1. Preparation for General Awareness:

This part covers questions about general knowledge, current events, and primary financial, marketing, banking, and insurance principles.

Read finance and news periodicals, journals, and newspapers, and keep up with the newest news on television and social media.

  1. Preparation for Reasoning Ability

Coding-decoding, syllogisms, direction and distance, numeric/alpha-numeric series, data sufficiency, puzzles, and seating arrangement are essential topics in this part. For this section, accuracy and speed are crucial. As a result, it is necessary to practice every day.

Working in NIACL would be a fantastic opportunity because it pays well and gives secure employment. The NIACL AO Exam is moderate to difficult in terms of difficulty. The tips provided above will help you conduct a proper NIAC AO analysis, and with enough practice, you will undoubtedly succeed.
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Mahendras Video Lectures | 25.05.2022

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Daily Current Affairs | 25-05-2022

1. West Central Railway has developed a battery operated dual-mode locomotive named "Navdoot".

पश्चिम मध्य रेलवे ने "नवदूत" नामक एक बैटरी चालित दोहरे मोड वाला लोकोमोटिव विकसित किया है।
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1.MYSTERIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (रहस्यमय): enigmatic

inscrutable, secretive

Antonyms: open

Example Sentence:

She was mysterious about herself but said plenty about her husband.
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ECGC PO Preparation Strategy 2022


The ECGC PO exam is a significant national-level exam that will be held on 29th May 2022. ECGC PO full form is Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Probationary Officer. The exam is an excellent opportunity for those looking for a lucrative job. To get selected, you have to navigate two stages. You have to first clear the online exam, and depending on your scores, you will be selected for the next interview stage. To ace this exam, you need to craft a solid ECGC PO Preparation strategy taking into consideration the ECGC syllabus and ECGC PO exam pattern,

Let us give a quick glance at the ECGC paper pattern:

The ECGC PO Exam Pattern

The sections are Reasoning Ability, English Language, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Here are the total number of questions and the maximum marks:   

  • Reasoning Ability: 50 questions - 50 marks.

  • English Language: 40 questions - 40 marks.

  • Computer Knowledge: 20 questions - 20 marks.

  • General Awareness: 40 questions - 40 marks. 

  • Quantitative Aptitude: 50 questions - 50 marks.


Important Points to note:

  • The total number of marks is 200, including all the sections.

  • The total time duration to answer the questions is 140 minutes.

  • 0.25 of the marks will be cut for wrong answers.

  • No marks will be deducted for answers that are not marked.

ECGC PO Preparation Strategy

Your section-wise ECGC PO Preparation strategy should be in this way:

Reasoning Ability

  • The questions will be based on topics like data sufficiency, syllogism, puzzles & seating arrangements, blood relations, and logical reasoning. 

  • You need to master quick calculation tricks and shortcuts to answer the questions in time.

  • Practise different types of reasoning questions. The more practise you get, the better will be your skills and speed.

  • Get hold of the ECGC previous year question paper to get an idea of the questions that will be asked. Try to solve the questions while setting a time limit to get a feel of the real exam.

Computer Knowledge

  • You can expect questions based on computer history, software & hardware, operating systems, MS Office, types of computer memory, shortcut commands, keyboard, internet & networking, and malware & security.

  • Referring to the ECGC previous year question paper will help you determine the most-asked questions and the time to be allotted to each answer.

  • You need to be aware of the latest technology news in the IT world, like the names of the CEOs of major tech companies or where the headquarters are located.

  • Memorize the full forms of abbreviations related to the IT industry like HTTP, DBMS, etc.

English Language

  • The section will comprise both objective as well as descriptive questions.

  • Objective questions will be based on grammar, vocabulary, error spotting, sentence framing, jumble words, and reading comprehension.

  • In the descriptive part, your skills in essay and precis writing will be assessed.

  • Maintain a practice of reading newspapers and magazines and watching the English news on television to improve your command of the language,

  • Analyze the ECGC previous year question paper to know the type of questions you can expect to answer.

  • Mastering the rules of grammar and solving grammar exercises will help you answer the questions easily.

  • Practise as much reading comprehension as you can every day.

General Awareness

  • You will have to answer questions (national and international) related to finance and banking, defence, science & technology, economy, appointments, books, authors, sports, and awards & rewards.

  • Of all these topics, focus the most on finance and banking. 

  • Expect 2 or 4 questions on reports and indices.

  • Update your knowledge on the trending national and international events.

  • Read the newspaper, and watch the news on television every day.

  • Allot time compulsorily daily for brushing up on general awareness.

  • Practise quizzes and mock question papers.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Since this section has the most scoring potential, you need to practise hard after analyzing the ECGC previous year question paper.

  • The topics covered will include data sufficiency, root comparison, quantity comparison, number series, and approximation & simplification.   

  • Data interpretation and Arithmetic are important areas to focus on.

  • You get a total time limit of 40 minutes. So, you should allocate time for each question based on that.  

Valuable Tips for ECGC PO Interview stage

Here are some powerful tips that will be useful for tacking the interview:

  • Collect every possible latest information about the ECGC, such as its establishment date, its chairman, etc. 

  • Be prepared to answer personal questions like: why did you leave your previous job, or what are your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Your dressing should be simple yet professional, and your haircut should be decent.

  • You may need to answer questions related to the state or district you are residing in.

  • Being confident and honest while answering the questions is a must.

Armed with such a strong ECGC PO Preparation strategy for 2022, acing the online exam and interview will be an easy task. Ensure to use only high-quality study materials, analyze the ECGC previous year question paper, and solve the ECGC PO Mock Test frequently. 

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