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Success Stories: Live Interview Experience

Mahendra Guru

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience – Rahul Rauth

Name – Rahul Rauth

Date - 09-02-2015

Venue – UBI staff training college, Kolkata

Qualification - graduate in ECE (

Time – 8:30 am

Panel – 8

At first, they asked me to write an essay in regional language (Bengali) and set a time for 5 minutes. Then they call me for document verification at around 11:20 am. Document verification is done till 11:30 am. The interview was of 10-15 minutes for each candidate. I was the 14th candidate in the list but they send me in 13th position. The interview started at 11.55 am. I entered with a smile and the smile left me at door. I greeted them, they asked me to sit.

There were 5 people in a panel (4 male and 1 female). Interviewer 1 started asking the question, Interviewer 2 and Interviewer 3 were busy with my documents and Interviewer 5 (Female) and Interviewer 4 were watching me closely.

Interviewer 1:- So, you are Rahul, right? 

Rahul –Yes sir.

Interviewer 1:-  Father’s occupation.

Rahul – Answered.

Interviewer 1:- Mother’s occupation and how many members in your family. 

Rahul - Answered.

Interviewer 1:- So your sister lives in Switzerland. 

Rahul - yes.

Interviewer 1:- So where in Switzerland? 

Rahul - Basel.

Interviewer 2 – Do you know Basel, which is related to the bank is?

Rahul – I started to answer and after two lines they stop me saying it’s okay.

Interviewer 1:- Tell me what is a bank and its functions. 

Rahul – Answered.

Interviewer 2 – What is the full form of RBI and where its headquarters is and who is governor and say something about Raghu Ram Rajan. And why Raghu Ram Rajan sat in Mumbai why not in New Delhi? 

Rahul - Answered.

Interviewer 2 – What is RRB? And it’s functions and how many RRB in West Bengal and its headquarters? 

Rahul – Answered, but one headquarters I said was wrong but I was confident.

Interviewer 3- What is Ajeevika and its purpose? 

Rahul - I don’t know but heard this name earlier.

Interviewer 4 – PMJDY, What is that? 

……At the same time Interviewer, 2 interrupted me. 

Rahul – Answered, (but after hints) 

………..I was again interrupted by Interviewer 2 at the same time.

Interviewer 1 – What is Financial Inclusion? 

Rahul – Answered, but i guess she was not satisfied with my answer.

Interviewer 4 and Interviewer 3 were smiling looking at each other and I heard they said wah good, nice etc.…

Interviewer 2 – What’s your Hobby? 

Rahul – Playing Table Tennis.

Interviewer 3- Tell me the name of 2 players of Table Tennis? 

(And asked 2 question from Table Tennis.)

Rahul - Answered. 

And in between, they just verified with my application whether I put all the information correct or not.

They said ok, all the best. I said thank you and left the room. Throughout the interview they were not even asked about my graduation subjects, anyway, hoping for the best!!

My interview was in Bengali and in English, but most of the time in Bengali.

Success Stories: Live Interview Experience

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