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Study Plan : Railway

Mahendra Guru
Study Plan : Railway

Railways Recruitment Board conducts examinations on time to time basis for various posts like ASM, NTPC, Loco Pilot, Junior Engineer, etc. 

  • To start preparation, the first thing that we should look for is the exam syllabus mentioned in the exam notification. We should look at the areas covered in the syllabus. Next is the standard of preparation that is being sought for, like questions will be of class 10th standard or class 12th standard or of graduation level, etc.
  • Second important information is the test format, like subjective, 5-option objective, 4-option objective, etc. A number of stages in the examination, like preliminary, mains, interview.
  • Third important information is marks distribution across sections, for example, 40 marks for mathematics, 30 marks for General Awareness, etc. Also the marking scheme for correct, incorrect or unattempted questions.
  • Fourth important is Test timing or duration. Time allocated for each section or overall time allotted for each section. And also time gap between the release of notification and exam dates, it will greatly help in preparation strategy.

The starting point for any preparation is to know the gap between your current level and exam level which has to overcome. To know this, straight away solve a previous year question paper for which solution and the cut-off are readily available. Take the test and calculate the marks obtained. This will help you to wisely understand your current position and help you to setup realistic milestones on the way to your successful attempt. Now, no one should get discouraged here, this is an assessment and not the final examination. It’s the time to understand your strength and weakness.

Habit plays an important part in shaping someone’s personality. The habit which must be inculcated by all here is to study a standard English Newspaper. It will help you in many ways like having a greater command over English language, improved vocabulary, increased reading speed and also help in your daily current affairs.

Another good habit is to test yourself daily through mock tests. You should learn from its solution and most importantly to adapt to stringent test timings. You should look for a scope for improvement in stronger areas and work rigorously for the weaker ones. Regular testing, analysing and learning will take you up in the progress path.

Mahendra’s will come up with a thorough strategy and preparation strategy for each upcoming examination. Keep following our website for any upcoming RRB exam updates.

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