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Strategy For SBI PO 2022

Mahendra Guru

How to prepare for SBI PO 2022 Recruitment: Complete Strategy:-

Dear Readers, 

As SBI PO opportunity is knocking at the door, we all are preparing ourselves to crack it for a successful career. Banks are considered as one of the most prestigious institutions for career making. Banking jobs also has a different charm in the society among all other jobs after the defence services. The feel of satisfying the financial needs of society gives immense pleasure and as a result overwhelming respect. However the basic question remains the same, and i.e., how can I enjoy this immense pleasure and overwhelming respect? 

Well to answer this query and enlighten your career path we have manage to understand the core of SBI PO exams form the previous year trends. On the basis of that we are presenting the basic strategy required to realise your dream of becoming a SBI PO.


  • Plan The Work, Work The Plan: Banking Candidates must prepare a comprehensive strategy keeping in mind the numbers of days left for the SBI PO Pre and SBI PO Mains examination date. This plan must include Previous Year Papers, Speed test, Regular Online or Offline Classes. The value of Speedtest must be taken seriously as it is the main method

  • SWOT Analysis: Always keep an eye on the result analysis after every speedtest. This will help a banking candidate to understand his ability and performance in all the subjects of the coming examinations. From this report you can understand your strength and weaknesses in different sections of the paper. Knowing your strong subject help you to gain marks and knowing weaknesses helps in converting it into strength. Knowing weakness also helps in avoiding time wasting activity by strengthening the decision making process. Time is the most precious asset in any competitive examinations. Always remember that the subject you are good at shall always serve as opportunity in providing you a competitive edge in the crowd.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice. There is no shortcut to everlasting success, so always learn the concept of the subject. Once you are aware with the concept only then you shall understand the short tricks and methods of skipping unproductive steps thus saving time for the next question. The only way to achieve this skill is to give mock test available and offered by experienced institution of this sector.

  • Sectional cut-off: In SBI PO, a candidate have to qualify each section and in overall score also. One of the most productive method of understanding sectional cut off is previous cut-offs. However one have to be careful as SBI is famous for its experiments and astonishing nature. It is also pioneer in several question styles and methods. So always be at your toes in this regards.

  • Negative Marking: In SBI PO, each correct answer will fetch you 1 mark, while each wrong answer will attract penalty of ¼ marks. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions. So, attempt only if you are convince about the correct option. Do not attempt if you are not sure about a question. It is prudent to leave that question rather than risking your numbers.

  • Time Management: Take care of the time spent on a question and the benefit reaped from it. Do not let your senses be intrigued by the deceiving nature of the question. 

  • Stay Focused: It is a good habit to control different views and feeling arriving as we enter the examination hall. It is advisable to avoid last hour studies and discussions regarding the paper. Always trust yourself and keep on motivating your selves in between the examinations. Positive words like ‘I can and I will’ would serve as a booster in event of tackling questions.

How to crack SBI PO English section 

With view to assisting the candidates to excellently deal with bank exam questions under English Language, we have here brought a few preparation guidance to make the plan for the preparation of the English section of the SBI PO exam:

  • Make Reading a Daily Habit (Editorial parts of Newspaper):

The students must know that the passages probably going to be asked that come in the examinations, which are usually asked from the newspapers or magazines. So, the habit of reading newspapers (especially editorial part) daily must be inculcated to get updated with the English language and important words. The Editorial section must be properly read and understood every day. Reading newspapers will also help you to answer questions of current affairs section.

  • Vocabulary Building:

Most of the candidates fail in the bank exams like SBI PO as there is a sectional cut-off and they are not able to crack the English Section. This majorly happens due to the lack of good command over Grammar as most of the questions are either fill in the blanks or finding the incorrect word. This can be upgraded again by reading newspapers daily or reading storybooks.

  • Note Down the Unknown Words (Important ones): 

We know that No one is perfect and hence every person might face difficulties while reading newspapers. A lot of candidates often ignore the words whose contextual meaning we don’t know, rather we must note down the words and by searching the meanings, how to use in a dictionary, we must imbibe them.

  • Practice makes a man perfect:

Practice makes a man perfect’ this saying is undoubtedly correct in every scenario and in SBI PO exam too. Besides keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, the candidate must also try to solve the speed test provided by Mahendras as well as previous year question papers of the SBI PO English Paper to get an idea about the questions that are asked in these exams. You can also participate in free Online Quiz to test your English language preparation going on various websites. 

The points which must be upgraded while preparing for the exam are:

Rules of Grammar
 (Parts of Speech)

     Vocabulary (Through Newspaper)

Idioms and Phrases
(Through Newspaper)

Letter Writing Format

Essay Writing Format


Let’s know about one of the best ways to score more in English for bank exams:

Solving previous year question papers and mock tests will make you perfect. This will help you enhance your performance and also understand the type of questions asked in SBI PO exam. 

SBI PO exam is conducted for recruitment to the post of Probationary Officer in the various branches of the State Bank of India. The Quantitative Aptitude section of prelims exam consists of 35 questions and allotted time for this 20 minutes. Questions are basically asked from Simplification, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest & Compound Interest , Time & Distance, Number series, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Data Interpretation, etc. In SBI PO mains exam, candidates will get 35 questions on Data Analysis and Interpretation and allotted time for this 45 minutes. Total marks allotted to this section in mains exam are 60. 

The level of Quantitative Aptitude questions in SBI PO will be moderate to difficult. It is essential to have a well-structured preparation strategy to tackle each topics. In this article, we have discussed regarding tips and tricks on how to prepare for SBI PO Quantitative Aptitude.

How to prepare for SBI PO Quantitative Aptitude? 

Simplification: Candidates can attempt the questions from this segment quickly and easily. Very basic and simple questions are asked in the exam. To tackle such questions, effective mental calculation skills are essentials. Students should practice all types of Simplification such as Surds and Indices, Decimals, Percentages, Squares and Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots, etc. 

  • Number series 

There are two types missing number and wrong number. These questions come in a pattern. The challenge lies in finding the pattern associated to the questions. Once candidates are able to find the pattern, then it can be solved easily 

  • Data interpretation

Data Interpretation and Analysis is the most challenging part of Quantitative Aptitude. To solve such questions, candidates need to have a good understanding of each kind of illustration. Candidates must regularly practice Data Interpretation and Analysis questions also.

  • Quadratic equations and Q1 & Q2 types 

Quadratic equation and Q1 & Q2 type’s questions are not complicated. Candidates must be aware of the formula and its applicability in solving a particular question. Candidates need to work upon their speed and accuracy to solve these questions.

  • Permutations and Combinations 

Candidates need to practice extensively. Both Permutations and Combinations have their own strategies for solving. While preparing, candidates must focus on Permutations and then Combinations.

  • Probability 

Probability question can be of any kind. Candidates often get confused if they see a very complex question. Candidates should practice previous years’ question papers and attempt mock tests.

  • Percentages, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest 

Candidates can practice how to translate the statements into numbers or equations in the case of profit and loss questions and percentages. The statements provided to candidates should be correctly converted into equations. Candidates should be well versed with the formulas so that they can put the correct values in place of various factors such as rate of interest, the principal, time, etc. 

  • Ratio and proportion and averages 

In case of ratio and proportion, candidates must read carefully the questions. In case of averages candidates need to have mathematical skills.

How to Gain Good Marks in General Awareness Section

Well the answer to this question is very simple and that is by staying aware about the recent happenings in India and World. The most prominent way is to deal with newspaper and current affairs. SBI PO deal in Current Affairs, Banking and Financial Awareness, Economic Terminology and Static General Knowledge. Previous trends suggests that scoring between 30 and above will always put you in the driving seats. 25 to 30 questions of current affairs is always expected, 5 to 10 questions of Banking and financial Terms and upto 3 to 5 questions from Static GK. However 80% of all this questions are from recent happenings and event of upto 4 months. Yearly events, awards and annual reports or ranking are also important.




Current Affairs


Banking and Financial Awareness


Static GK



How to prepare for SBI PO Reasoning?

The SBI PO recruitment exam is the most premier exam among the public sector bank and it consists 3 stages preliminary, mains and GD/Interview as far as reasoning is concern in SBI PO preliminary 35 question and have to crack within 20 minutes so need healthy practice in such topics like puzzles and sitting arrangements (linear arrangements, circular arrangements, sitting arrangement with blood relation there was 15 to 20 questions from this section so it’s a major area of attention in preliminary as well as mains exam and 45 question from reasoning and computer for mains, computer question based on logics or related with puzzles itself so we can say 45 question and the stipulated time is 60 minutes, no doubt logical reasoning is the Centre stage in SBI PO Mains exam and examiner expecting conceptual clarity for logical reasoning esp. strengthening and weakening arguments, assumption, conclusion, course of action and inferences before proceeding or solving logical reasoning question pay attention about these point. 

1. Read as if you were a detective or read the facts carefully and think within the given data but not beyond it, 

2. Usually examiners try to, put some difficulty in a question by using tactics such as highlighting unimportant facts, downplaying the important facts, using evasive Languages etc. so we should aware about the important fact and languages.

3. Since the topic may appear to be confusing Use the elimination method if you are unable to apprehend the answer and analyses the question and answer efficiently. 

4. As syllogism is the essential or integral part of reasoning and mostly 4 to 5 question asking in pre and mains exam SBI exam and candidate cannot skip it because every candidates solving this question in a very lesser time and must approach it through Venn diagram because Venn diagram is the best method for solving in case of possibility. 

5. In SBI PO Pre or Mains exam seating arrangement almost 15 to 20 question almost asking question so student must practice it through mahendra speed test as well as Mahendra’s class work sheet, in these questions on seating arrangement you have to arrange a group of person fulfilling certain conditions, question mainly from linear arrangement, double row arrangement, circular arrangement, in these question you have to arrange one group in one row and other group in other row and rectangular arrangement with different dimension so aspirant pay attention in this chapter. In such question mainly two type of information one is direct information and second indirect information, before proceeding the problem of seating arrangement or puzzles draw a table and filing the direct information you will look for the connection between different parts of the information. These connections form the indirect information while arranging the person and let us take the case of arrangement and facing direction is the essential part of the information in case of certain person make maximum possibility and to complete the statement


Here we are providing you free classes and preparation for SBI PO 2022 on Youtube with detailed discussions and subjectwise tips.


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