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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 19-09-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-TURMOIL (NOUN): a state of unrest or agitation, often involving a lack of order, tranquillity, or stability.

Synonyms: Upheaval, Commotion, Tumult

Antonyms: Stability, Harmony

2-LUCRATIVE(Adjective): something that has the potential to yield a significant profit or financial benefit.

Synonyms: Gainful, Rewarding

Antonyms: Failing

3-WOES (Noun): a sense of suffering, misfortune, or emotional distress.

Synonyms: Adversities, Misfortunes

Antonyms: Successes, Prosperities

4-RATTLED(Adjective& Verb): a state of being emotionally or mentally disturbed, often due to shock, surprise, or anxiety.

Synonyms: Upset, Nervous

Antonyms: Steady, Relaxed

5-CRIPPLING(Adjective & Verb): something that has a devastating or debilitating effect, often causing significant harm or limitations.

Synonyms: Inhibiting, Destructive

Antonyms: Fortifying, Enabling

6-IMPUNITY(Noun): a state in which someone is immune or shielded from punishment, accountability, or any adverse effects resulting from their actions.

Synonyms: Absolution, Exoneration

Antonyms: Retribution

7-PROPONENT(Noun): an individual who takes a positive and active stance in favour of a particular cause, position, or viewpoint.

Synonyms: Adherent, Ally

Antonyms: Opposer, Foe

8-DIASPORA(Noun): the dispersion, scattering, or migration of a particular group of people, often from their original homeland to various locations around the world.

Synonyms: Exile, Exodus

Antonyms: Clustering, Insularity

9-OBESE(Adjective): someone who has an excessive amount of body fat, typically to the extent that it may have negative effects on their health.

Synonyms : Corpulent ,Rotund

Antonyms: Gaunt, Slender


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