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Test Your Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 19-09-2023

Swati Mahendras

Test Your Vocabulary has been introduced to help students who are preparing for competitive exams to gain confidence. Vocabulary is important for any competitive exam, especially for English Language subjects, whether it is an objective exam or a descriptive exam. Mostly, students get confused with the synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. So, to enhance your vocabulary along with synonyms and antonyms, here is a quiz provided to test your language.

1-Bag and baggage

1. With all of one’s possession

2. With burden

3. With any aim

4. Without any happiness

Solution: Option 1

2-A greenhorn

1. Skilled person

2. Clever person

3. Uneducated Person

4. Inexperienced person

Solution: Option 4

3-In Weal and Woe

1. In happiness and good times

2. In ad and gloomy days

3. In prosperity and adversity

4. In despair and failure

Solution: Option 3

4-Feeling or showing extreme tiredness

1. Drowsy

2. Nervous

3. Weary

4. Vitalized

Solution: Option 3


5-A piece of a living tissue or plant that is transplanted surgically

1. Gourmet

2. Graft

3. Gratis

4. Gracious

Solution : Option 2

6-'To walk with long steps

1. Fling

2. Trudge

3. Drag

4. Stride

Solution: Option 4

7-One of the following words means 'Short-lived’.

1. Mortal

2. Transient

3. Truant

4. Tempting

Solution: Option 2

8-One of the following words means 'Talkative'. What is it?

1. Garrulous

2. Phlegmatic

3. Pantheist

4. Mystic

Solution: Option 1


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