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SSC MTS | CHSL Quiz : English Language | 23-06-2022

Swati Mahendras

Dear Readers,

As SSC MTS |   CHSL notification is out and candidates have started their preparation for this exam. Mahendras also has started special quizzes for this examination. This series of quizzes are based on the latest pattern of the SSC MTS |   CHSL   examination. Regular practice of the questions included in the quizzes will boost up your preparations and it will be very helpful in scoring good marks in the examination.

Q1-5 Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences and mark the Answer.

Q1 The production of raw silk.

A. sericulture

B. seroculture

C. sariculture

D. syrumculture

Q2 Meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress.

A. oratory

B. public speaking

C. verbalization

D. rhetoric

Q3 The conference takes place once in three years

A. tetraennial

B. triennial

C. treenial

D. thriennial

Q4 The political leader has an evil reputation. He is not trusted.

A. is notorious

B. is malicious

C. is magnanimous

D. is dubious

Q5 A person who readily believes others.

A. Credible

B. Credulous

C. Sensitive

D. Sensible

Q6-10 ln the following questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark the Answer.

Q6 He is leaving the USA for good.

A. urgently

B. permanently

C. temporarily

D. immediately

Q7 Communicative English is the Achilles’ heel for the job aspirants.

A. weak spot

B. source of strength

C. what they cherish most

D. top priority

Q8 He took a leap in the dark with his latest investment in stocks.

A. took a risk

B. was hesitant

C. was confused

D. was cocksure

Q9 He is known for blowing his own trumpet.

A. clattering

B. shouting

C. clamouring

D. boasting

Q10 He cut the Gordian knot by practicing what he preached.

A. lessened the difficulty

B. let the difficulty remain as it was

C. removed the difficulty

D. add to the difficulty


Q.1 (A)

Q.2 (D)

Q.3 (B)

Q.4 (B)

Q.5 (B)

Q.6 (B)

Q.7 (A)

Q.8 (A)

Q.9 (D)

Q.10 (D)


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