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Top 8 Reasons to Build a Career in SSC

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Career in SSC

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organization of the Government of India involved in recruiting candidates at multiple levels in various departments and ministries, including their subordinate offices. 

SSC recruits officers for the combined graduate level, junior translator, assistant sub-inspector, stenographers, SAS apprentices, and junior engineers. The number of vacancies depends on the final information provided by each department. 

The job under the SSC category is considered to be a prestigious job in the country. It provides excellent perks, financial stability, various other benefits, and esteem associated with the job attracts lakhs of students every year. 

SSC conducts almost 11 exams every year, including the Combined Graduate Level, Combined Higher Secondary Level, Junior Engineer, Junior Hindi Translator, Stenographer, SI-ASI in CAPFs. 

All these exams are highly competitive, but you can opt for an SSC online course, to help you with your preparation. There is great career growth in SSC. 

Reasons to Opt SSC as Career Option 

  1. Job Security

Central Government jobs are secure and stable. Unlike private jobs, they don't follow the ‘Hire and Fire’ policy as they are unaffected by the demand and supply conditions prevailing in the market. Hence the Indian government is seen as a stable employer that provides service tenure up to 60 years of age. 

  1. Financial Stability

Working in a government job provides absolute financial stability. The stipulated will be credited to your account at the start of the month without any delay. 

Also, government employees easily get loans as compared to corporate sector employees. Apart from this, the government makes sure that in case of severe accidents, pregnancy, health hazards, and similar cases, the employees are given certain emoluments.

  1. Perks 

Besides the financial stability, the officers get annual increments, and the pay commission also reviews their salary structure. Salaries go up every 10 years after the implementation of the pay commission. 

The previous pay commission, which was the 6th pay commission, was very employee-friendly and attracted many candidates from colleges and private sector companies. The 7th pay commission is still awaited, and it will benefit employees on various factors. 

  1. Equal Opportunities 

SSC offers an esteemed position to all its employees. No selection is made based on caste, race, sex, and religion. It provides equal opportunities to all candidates to get jobs and prospective promotions. The recruitment process is transparent, and one can crack the exam with his capabilities. 

  1. Timely Promotions 

Seniority is a key factor in Central Government promotion policy, and it comes with its fair share of exceptionally good opportunities. 

The promotion scheme is timely and provides equal opportunities. Due importance is given to the time employees have spent on the job and are fairly rewarded on the basis of their experience. 

  1. Work-Life Balance

Cracking the SSC exam will ensure that you get plenty of time for personal enrichment. Unlike the private sector, there are no targets and performance-related measures, which leaves ample time for self-improvement. 

The working hours are not too long and mostly fixed. National and regional holidays are also given to the employees. Moreover, working women are also eligible for generous maternity leaves and compensations.

  1. Social Status 

People employed under various ministries and departments under SSC enjoy dignity and honor in society. It attracts a lot of young candidates from various fields because it offers a high salary and social esteem. 

For example, SSC CGL is a first step towards becoming a gazetted officer someday, if they fail to crack the UPSC civil services exam. 

  1. Career Progression

SSC conducts grade-wise departmental exams for existing Central Government staff members from time to time. This provides ample growth prospects to the employees. Extraordinary performance in these exams can set an officer on an accelerated path of progress. 

The Last Word:

SSC is the most awaited exam of the year as it offers posts under various ministries and departments of the central government. The popularity of this exam is transcending to the next level as an increased number of candidates are observed every year. So if you want to beat the competition, start your SSC preparation right now.


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