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DP | IBPS SO Special : VOLTE And WI-FI | 30-12-2017

DP | IBPS SO Special : Phishing And Spyware | 28-12-2017
As you all know the IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS SORBI Mains exam is approaching. It is important that you cover all the aspects of the exam to score well in the exam. This year IBPS Clerk Mains has merged the computer knowledge section with the reasoning section. If you are preparing for Banking, RBI, SBI, Insurance, and other govt exams, you must be familiar with the computer section, so you must cover all the topics and be prepared for the exam with great enthusiasm. 

Computer section is a very scoring section for all, you can score more from this section. If you don’t have a clear concept then you can clear your basic concepts through our Digi page of the computer provided by Mahendraguru on the daily basis you can also download PDF of computer notes. You can do practice on regular basis on latest pattern based of computer question, and quizzes that will help you to score well in the exam. You can also watch our computer video on ourMahendraguru YouTube channel.


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