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SSC Calendar 2018 - 2019
SSC Calendar
Tentative Schedule Released Recruitment, 2018 - 2019
IBPS Calender 2017
IBPS Calendar
2017 - 2018 IBPS has released the Tentative Calendar
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Friday, 15 December 2017

DP | Gram Panchayat | 15 - 12 -17

DP | Motion And Its Laws | 14 - 12 -17

Dear student,

As you know several (CHSL, MTS, CGL and other National and State) exams are lined up, and you need to speed up your preparation for these exams. You can score more through this section in less time period. General studies give you a knowledge of the world around you and help you to change it into something better. It develops a perspective way of looking at life. It helps you to build the different opinion of things in life. You need to put full effort into general studies. You must prepare all the subjects under this section like history, geography, economics, Indian polity, general science, (biology, chemistry physics) etc.. as most of the question are asked from these subject/topics. 

DP | Strategy For SSC CHSL | 15 - 12 - 17

DP | Strategy For SSC CHSL | 14 - 12 - 17
It is a time to stride your preparation as you all know that SSC CHSL, IBPS Clerks Mains, IBPS SO and RBI Assistant Mains Exam is imminent. “Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” Quants section is important part other than English, Reasoning, GA, and Computer.

DP | RBI Assistant Mains Special : United Nations Report on Indian Economy | 15 - 12 - 2017

DP | RBI Assistant Mains Special : MoU Between India And Italy | 14 - 12 - 2017

It is a time to prepare yourself for Exam like IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS SO & RBI Assistant Mains exam with a great potentials. General Awareness Plays a vital role in these examination. Get aware yourself on daily basis it will helps you to score more in less time period. Regular practice on Current Affairs quizzes, mock test and GA quizzes helps you to analysis your performance. 

DP | Sentence Rearrangement For IBPS Clerk Mains | 15 -12-2017

DP | Cloze Test (New Pattern) For IBPS Clerk Mains | 14-12-2017

In English Section it was seen that there is an exorbitant change in the pattern since, last few years. Many of you intimidate while attempting this section. English section is arduous for every student so it is required to have a right tactic to solve this section. English section is entirely based on the rules of grammer.Here Mahendraguru provides a Digi page of English section on daily basis so that you can learn from basics to advance level of English language based on latest pattern.

DP | Sitting Arrangement For IBPS Clerk Mains | 15 - 12 - 2017

DP | Sitting Arrangement For IBPS Clerk Mains | 14 - 12 - 2017

As you all know, the IBPS Clerk Pre & RBI Assistant Pre exam is over and now it is an uttermost time to thrill your preparation in a right direction with planned and disciplined way For IBPS Clerk Mains & RBI Assistant Mains exam. Only few days left for Mains exam, get ready for it and do not miss a single moment.Reasoning the section is based on mental acuity to solve the question in a logical way.

DP | RBI Assistant Mains Special : Computer Questions (Part 16) | 15 - 12 - 17

DP | RBI Assistant Mains Special : Computer Questions (Part 15) | 14 - 12 - 17
As you all know the IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS SO, RBI Mains exam is approaching. It is important that you cover all the aspects of exam to score well in exam. This year IBPS Clerk Mains has merged the computer knowledge section with the reasoning section. If you are preparing for Banking ,RBI, SBI ,Insurance and other govt exam, you must be familiar with the computer section , so you must cover all the topics and be prepared for the exam with great enthusiasm. 

Daily Current Affairs | 15 - 12 - 17

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissioned the scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari into the Indian Navy. 

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने स्कॉर्पीन श्रेणी की पनडुब्बी आईएनएस कलवरी को भारतीय नौसेना में शामिल किया। 

2. World Bank will provide $250 million loan to India for skill development programmes to support livelihood. 

विश्व बैंक जीवनयापन को समर्थन देने वाले कौशल विकास कार्यक्रमों के लिए भारत को 25 करोड़ डॉलर का ऋण देगा। 

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS Clerk Based) | 15 -12 - 17

1.CATER (VERB): provide, help

Synonyms: gratify, feed

Antonyms: upset, displease

Example Sentence:

IRCTC caters its passengers.
2. ELEVATED (ADJECTIVE): highly moral or dignified

Synonyms: fine, energized

Antonyms: dejected, hopeless

Example Sentence:

The whole rough appearance of the man was elevated into dignity.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Important Current Affairs PDF For RBI Assistant Mains

Important Current Affairs PDF For RBI Assistant Mains

Dear Aspirants,

RBI is among the most popular and an important exam among aspirants.  It takes lots of hard work and strategy to crack this exam. Apart from this, one most important element required to crack the mains is a proper study material.

UPPCS Exam Calendar : January 2018 To June 2018

UPPCS Exam Calendar : January 2018 To June 2018
Dear Aspirants,

A Very Good News For All !!!

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has released the Exam Schedule/Exam Calendar of examinations (tentative) to be held during January 2018 To June 2018.

Let's Recap: 14.12.2017

Let's Recap: 12.12.2017
Mahendra's Let's Recap is nothing but the compilation of all the posts that have been published throughout the day. So let us look at the posts today:

Digi Notes - 2.0 | RBI Assistant Mains Special | 14 .12. 2017

Digi Notes - 2.0 | RBI Assistant Mains Special | 14 .12. 2017
It is a well-known myth that one needs to be a bookworm to succeed in one's career. However, Mahendra's has been a virtuoso and the society is now following its lead. 

A bash is waiting for you. Go through our Digi Notes: 2.0 and become the protagonist of the life bash.

Current Affairs Quiz For IBPS Clerk Mains : 14.12.2017

Current Affairs Quiz For IBPS Clerk : 14.12.2017

 For making everything successful we need regular practice of that particular work. We consider the fact that is why we have come forward with some questions of Current Affairs for your practice. You need to make a regular habit of solving these questions which are updated on a daily basis.

Test Your Vocabulary for RBI Assistant / IBPS Clerk Mains | 14 -12 -17

Test Your Vocabulary for RBI Assistant / IBPS Clerk Mains | 12 -12 -17

Dear Student,

Test Your Vocabulary is provided by Mahendraguru on daily basis to help the students who are aiming for govt job, IBPS PO and Clerk, IBPS SO,RRB PO/Clerk, RBI, SBI, Insurance SSC-MTS, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, and other competitive exams. Vocabulary is important part of English section that helps you to deal with all kinds of vocab questions in an objective as well as descriptive exam. Test your vocab helps you to analyze your Vocabulary power and you can learn the new words daily from Test Your Vocab which include 10 new words. Most of you get confused with the synonyms and antonyms, of a particular word. Here MahendraGuru provides you to test your vocabulary ability so you can evaluate yourself and improve your performance to achieve your goal and practice a lot on the given words and memorize words regularly which will definitely help you in exam.

MPPTCL Recruitment 2017

MPPTCL Recruitment 2017

Dear Aspirants, 

A very good news to all of you,

Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Limited has released notification for the post of Line Attendant. 

SSC Quiz : Quantitative Aptitude | 14 - 12 - 17

Q.1 Area of the floor of a cubical room is 48 find the length of the longest rod that can be place in that room? 

एक घनाभीय कमरे के फर्श का क्षेत्रफल  48 मीटर वर्ग है उस कमरे में सबसे लम्बी छड़ की लम्बाई ज्ञात कीजिये 

(A) 9 metre 

(B)12 metre 

(C)18 metre 

(D)6 metre

Q.2 The sides of a triangle are 3 cm , 4 cm and 5 cm. Find the area of triangle formed by joining the mid points of this triangle is.

एक त्रिभुज की भुजाये 3 सेमी 4 सेमी , और 5 सेमी है इनके मध्यबिंदु को मिलाने पर बनने वाले त्रिभुज का क्षेत्रफल ज्ञात कीजिये |

SSC Quiz : General Studies | 14 -12 -17

Q1. Which of the following system is established on the basis of direct election? 

(A) Gram Panchayat 

(B) Block Committee 

(C) Zila Parishad 

(D) Both b and c 


प्रत्यक्ष चुनाव के आधार पर निम्न में से कौन सी प्रणाली स्थापित की गई है? 

(A) ग्राम पंचायत 

(B) ब्लॉक समिति 

(C) जिला परिषद 

(D) दोनों बी और सी 


SSC Quiz : General Intelligence | 14 -12 -17

SSC Quiz : General Intelligence | 14 -12 -17

Q-1: In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbers I and II. An Assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumption and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. 

नीचे दिए गए प्रत्येक प्रश्न में पहले एक कथन दिया गया है फिर उसके नीचे दो पूर्वधारणाएं जिन्हें I व II क्रमांक दिए गए हैं। कोई पूर्वगृहीत या मान ली गई बात पूर्वधारणा कहलाती है। आपको कथन और उसके नीचे दी गई पूर्वधारणाओं पर विचार करना है और फिर तय करना है कि कौन सी पूर्वधारणा कथन में अन्तर्निहित है। 

Given Answer - / उत्तर दीजिए - 

Statement: / कथन: 

"I have not received telephone bills for nine month in spite of several complaints" - A telephone customer's letter to the editor of a daily.

 कई शिकायतों के बावजूद भी मैंने नौ महीने से टेलीफोन बिल प्राप्त नहीं किया है। एक टेली फोन उपभोक्ता डेली सम्पादक को पत्र। 

SSC Quiz : English Language | 14 - 12 - 17

SSC Quiz : English Language | 14 - 12 - 17

Developing a solid foundation in English will not only help you to increase your knowledge but will also help you to score better in the exam. English is a major section in exams which candidate fears a lot. To boost your preparation, MahendraGuru is providing English Quiz for SSC CGL Mains and SSC CHSL exams.

With Mahendra Guru, be the first to know the changes in Grammar which keeps you updated through its Practice sets.

Northern Railway Recruitment 2017 for Apprentice

Northern Railway Recruitment 2017 for Apprentice

Dear Aspirants, 

A very good news to all of you,

Northern Railway Recruitment Cell has released an advertisement for 3162 posts of Apprentice in various newspapers. 

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