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It’s always been good to learn from history since history repeats itself, similarly, it goes with the exam pattern we always try to find previous year questions to mentally prepare ourselves for upcoming hurdles in the exam and to check whether the level of our preparation is or is not up to the mark. Previous year questions give guidance to us and provide a base for the preparation of any competitive exam. It is always good to have an experience of how the level of exam varies from year to year. For every subject like in English, we come to know the pattern of questions must be followed to prepare the examination.

Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

(A) The group desired to enhance the learning experience in schools with an interactive digital medium that could be used within and outside the class-room.

(B) Then the teacher can act on the downloaded data rather than collect it from each and every student and thereby save his time and effort.

(C) Edutor, decided the group of engineers, all alumni of the Indian Institute of technology, when they founded Edutor Technologies in August 2009.

(D) They can even take tests and submit them digitally using the same tablets and the teachers in turn can download the tests using the company's cloud services.

(E) With this desire they created a solution that digitizes school textbooks and other learning material so that students no longer need to carry as many books to school and back as before, but can access their study material on their touch-screen tablets.

(F) A mechanic works on motors and an accountant has his computer. Likewise, if a student has to work on a machine or device, what should it be called ?

Q.1. Which of the following sentences should be the SIXTH (LAST) after rearrangement ?

(1) A (2) F (3) E (4) B (5) D

Q.2. Which of the following sentences should be the FOURTH after rearrangement ?

(1) A (2) F (3) E (4) B (5) C

Q.3. Which of the following sentences should be the FIFTH after rearrangement ?

(1) A (2) D (3) C (4) E (5) C

Q.4. Which of the following sentences should be the FIRST after rearrangement ?

(1) F (2) D (3) A (4) C (5) E

Q.5. Which of the following sentences should be the THIRD after rearrangement ?

(1) A (2) B (3) D (4) E (5) F







The arrangement is FCAEDB. The paragraph is about ‘edutor, a group of engineers who came together to find a solution to the problem of students to carry heavy books and materials to schools as well as taking test being physically present.

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