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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

English Language For SBI Clerk Prelims | 09- 05 - 18

Mahendra Guru
English Language For SBI Clerk Prelims | 09- 05 - 18
Developing a solid foundation in English will not only help you to increase your knowledge but will also help you to score better in the exam. English is a major section in exams which candidate fears a lot. To boost your preparation, MahendraGuru is providing English Quiz for SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant, IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Exams exams.

With Mahendra Guru, be the first to know the changes in Grammar which keep you updated through its Practice sets.These practice sets will give you power in building your bright career.

Q.1-10. Which of the Phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer. 

Q.1. They were not prepare enough for the examination. 

1. no prepared enough 

2. not prepare enough as 

3. not prepared enough 

4. prepared not enough 

5. No correction required 

Q.2. The policy will had several provisions for promoting private investor participation. 

1. will has several provisions 

2. will have several provision 

3. will have several provisions 

4. will had provisionally several 

5. No correction required 

Q.3. three youths on a bike came from behind and flee with Gauri’s purse. 

1. behind and fled 

2. from behind and fled 

3. from back and flee 

4. fled from behind 

5. No correction required 

Q.4. Trees are being felled to way for the road. 

1. felled to make way 

2. felled to the way 

3. fell to make way 

4. fell ways to 

5. No correction required 

Q.5. It was an uphill task for the school administration to teach the students the anthem in sign language. 

1. It was a hill task 

2. It was a uphill task 

3. It was an up the hill task 

4. It was a task uphill 

5. No correction required 

Q.6. Lose in temperature has resulted in increased patients of asthma. 

1. dropping temperature 

2. drop in temperature 

3. drops of temperature 

4. dip as temperature 

5. No correction required 

Q.7. The Indian classical and Western classical music uses the same seven basic notes. 

1. use the seven same 

2. uses the similarly seven 

3. use the same seven 

4. used seven the same 

5. No correction required 

Q.8. Steroids for long have been linked to improving the performance. 

1. link to improved 

2. improved link 

3. linking to improving 

4. links to improve 

5. No correction required 

Q.9. Many students at the university hail from the economical backward class. 

1. hail of economically forward 

2. hail through economic backward 

3. hail to economically towards 

4. hail from the economically backward 

5. No correction required 

Q.10. No one expects police to provide rounded-the-clock security to every citizen. 

1. the-clock- round security 

2. the-rounded-clock security 

3. security around the clock 

4. round-the- clock security 

5. No correction required 


Q.1. (3) 

Q.2. (3) 

Q.3. (2) 

Q.4. (1) 

Q.5. (5) 

Q.6.  (2) 

Q.7. (3) 

Q.8. (5) 

Q.9. (4) 

Q.10. (4) 

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