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Sunday, 25 February 2018

English Language For SBI Clerk Prelims | 25 - 02 - 18

English Language For SBI Clerk Prelims | 25 - 02 - 18
Developing a solid foundation in English will not only help you to increase your knowledge but will also help you to score better in the exam. English is a major section in exams which candidate fears a lot. To boost your preparation, MahendraGuru is providing English Quiz for SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant, IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Exams exams.

With Mahendra Guru, be the first to know the changes in Grammar which keep you updated through its Practice sets.These practice sets will give you power in building your bright career.

In questions below out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence and mark it as your answer. 

Q.1 The worship of idols or images 

a) Atheism 

b) Theism 

c) Idolatry 

d) Iconoclasm

Q.2 Something that is poisonous or unhealthy

a) Trivial 

b) Toxic

c) Torpid 

d) Tragic

Q.3 A remedy for all diseases 
a) Amnesia 

b) Panacea 

c) Intelligentsia 

d) Parasol

Q.4 A hater of mankind 

a) Misanthrope 

b) Misogynist 

c) Philanthropist 

d) Misogamist

Q.5 Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks 
a) Megalomania 

b) Dipsomania 

c) Kleptomania 

d) Pyromania

In the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active voice and mark your answer. 

Q.6 Circumstances will oblige me to go. 
a) I will oblige the circumstances and go. 

b) I shall be obliged to by the circumstances. 

c) Under the circumstances, I should go. 

d) I would be obliged by the circumstances to go

Q.7 We waste much time on trifles. 
a) Much time will be wasted on trifles. 

b) Much time would be wasted on trifles. 

c) Much time is wasted by us on trifles. 

d) Much time is wasted on trifles.

Q.8 Mohan gave the beggar an old shirt. 
a) An old shirt was given to Mohan by the beggar, 

b) An old shirt was given to the beggar by Mohan. 

c) The beggar was gave an old shirt by Mohan. 

d) An old shirt was gave to the beggar by Mohan. 

Q.9 They have made him a king. 
a) A king has been made by him.

b) He was made a king by them. 

c) They have been made kings by him. 

d) He has been made a king by them.

Q.10 Who taught you English ?

a) By whom English was taught to you ? 

b) By whom you were taught English ? 

c) By whom was English taught to you ? 

d) By whom are you taught English ?












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