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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Bank Quiz : Computer Knowledge | 15 - 02 - 18

mahendra Guru
Bank Quiz : Computer Knowledge | 15 - 02 - 18

Computer is the easiest and scoring section in every bank's examination which is entirely based on the basic knowledge of computer. Computer Quiz basically judges your basic knowledge and helps to analyze your performance so that you can improve your preparation level for an upcoming exam. Mahendra Guru provides you a Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank examination based on the latest pattern. So, that you can practice on regular basis. It will definitely help you to score good marks in the exam. It is the most important section for all the govt exam like IBPS PO/ Clerk/SO/RRB, RBI, SBI, Insurance,SSC-MTS, CGL, CHSL, State Level and other Competitive exams.

Mahendra Guru provides you a Bank Quiz of Computer Knowledge on daily basis to help you in your preparation for Govt job. You can clear your doubts before exam. Mahendra Guru also provides you an important note and study material for all subject and test through its website, Mahendra Guru App and YouTube channel apart from it Speed Test Portal. Most of these preparation products are also available for purchase on my shop. You can also visit to get more information about our endeavor for your success. You can also study in details through our E-Mahendras Facebook and Mahendra Guru YouTube channel of Computer Knowledge.

Q1.Which type of memory is not directly addressable by the CPU and requires special software called EMS?

1. Extended

2. Expanded

3. Base

4. Conventional

5. None of these

Q2.The original ASCII code used ___________bits of each byte, reserving that last bit for error checking?

1. 5

2. 6

3. 7

4. 8

5. 10

Q3.Which Company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?

1. Motorola

2. IBM

3. Intel

4. AMD

5. All of these

Q4.A high quality CAD system uses the following for printing drawing and graphs?

1. Dot matrix printer

2. Digital plotter

3. Line printer

4. Scanner

5. All of the above

Q5.Symbolic logic was discovered by___________?

1. George Boole

2. Herman Hollerith

3. Vonn Neumann

4. Basic Pascal

5. Sun Microsystem

Q6.Can you tell what passes into and out from the computer via its ports__________?

1. Data

2. Bytes

3. Graphics

4. Pictures

5. Information

Q7.Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?

1. Minicomputers

2. Microcomputers

3. Mainframe computers

4. Supercomputer

5. Desktop

Q8.Computer instructions written with the use of English words instead of binary machine code is called?

1. Mnemonics

2. Symbolic code

3. Gray codes

4. Opcode

5. Barcode

Q9. CD-ROM _______?

1. Is a semiconductor memory

2. Memory register

3. Magnetic memory

4. None of the above

5. All of these

Q10.A name or number used to identify a storage location is called?

1. A byte

2. A record

3. An address

4. Data

5. All of above


Q.1- (2)-Expanded

Q.2- (3)-7

Q.3- (3)-Intel

Q.4- (2)-Digital plotter

Q.5- (1)-George Boole

Q.6- (1)-Data

Q.7- (3)-Mainframe computers

Q.8- (2)-Symbolic code

Q.9- (4)-None of the above

Q.10- (3)-An address

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