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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Test Your Vocabulary | 08-08-17

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Test Your Vocabulary | 08-08-17

1. Choose the Synonym of ‘VALOR’

(a) Cowardice

(b) prowess

(c) meekness

(d) timidity

Ans- b

2. Choose the Antonym of ‘GLIMPSE’
(a) Peek

(b) glance

(c) watch

(d) modern

Ans- c

3. Choose the Synonym of ‘GALL’

(a) Arrogance

(b) Modesty

(c) respect

(d) dignity

Ans- a

4. Choose the Antonym of ‘FRAGILE’

(a) Feeble

(b) Durable

(c) frail

(d) brows

Ans- (b)

5. Choose the Synonym of ‘ALTAR’

(a) Shrine

(b) Playroom

(c) club

(d) staff

Ans- (a)

6. Choose the Antonym of ‘DILIGENT’

(a) Persevering

(b) earnest

(c) sincere

(d) weary

Ans – d

7. Choose the Synonym of ‘HURDLE’

(a) Aid

(b) assistance

(c) barricade

(d) help

Ans- C

8. Choose the Antonym of ‘CONDUCIVE’

(a) Contribute

(b) Unfavourable

(c) useful

(d) favourable

Ans – b

9. Choose the Synonym of ‘SUSPICION’

(a) doubt

(b) certainty

(c) confidence

(d) courage

Ans- a

10. Choose the Antonym of ‘FELICTIOUS’

(a) Suitable

(b) Apt

(c) germane

(d) unsuitable

Ans- d

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