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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 16 - 08 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 10 - 08 - 17

1. Different personality theorists(a)/ present their own (b)/definitions of any word base on their theoretical positions. (c)/No error. (d)

2. the concepts of modernity interprets(a)/ the general meaning of such events (b)/and seek explanations for major developments. (c)/No error. (d)

3. once you(a)/ learnt to drive, (b)/you will never forget it. (c)/No error. (d)

4. The scientist could (a)/not hardly complete(b)/ all the experiments. (c)/No error. (d)

5. My brother (a)/asked me that (b)/how long I would stay there. (c)/No error. (d)

6. He is very (a)/angry on me because(b)/ I failed to return his book. (c)/No error. (d)

7.I have (a)/resigned for(b)/ my post. (c)/No error. (d)

8. Mathematics(a)/ is indeed a (b)/difficult subject. (c)/No error. (d)

9. I shall (a)/wait till you(b)/ will finish your lunch. (c)/No error. (d)

10. Many a student(a)/ have stared the(b)/ same work. (c)/No error.(d)

Ans (1)- C use ‘based’ instead of ‘base’

Ans (2)-c use ‘seeks’ instead of ‘seek’

Ans (3)- b use ‘how to drive’ instead of ‘to drive’

Ans (4)- b remove ‘not’

Ans (5)- b remove ‘that’

Ans (6)- b use ‘with’ instead of ‘on’

Ans (7)- use ‘from’ instead of ‘for’

Ans (8)-No error

Ans (9)-remove ‘will’

Ans (10)- use ‘has’ instead of ‘have’

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