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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bank Quiz : English Language | 16 - 08 - 17

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Bank Quiz : English Language | 11 - 08 - 17

Cloze Test

India’s rising number of proposed smart cities need focused tax and non-tax__(1)__, both devolved and locally-generated resources, to change the reality on the ground. Otherwise, our urbanisation process would remain blighted and__(2)__, constraining overall economic growth. Urban local bodies can raise resources by issuing municipal bonds only if they have the viable means to service this borrowing

With 27 new cities selected under the Centre’s Smart Cities Mission, the total now stands at 60, __(3)__ seems impressive.

But the reality is that there is no clear-cut mechanism for regular resource transfers to our urban centres. The report of the Fourteenth Finance Commission __(4)__ the fact that constitutional provisions place “local government squarely” in the state list, with states having unquestioned discretion to assign functions and resources to municipalities. This surely __(5)__ to change. We clearly __(6)__more clear-cut mechanism design for resource transfers to our cities, generate as they do a growing and disproportionately large portion of our national income.

The finance commission report emphasised the huge potential for local generation of funds. More realistic property tax is one avenue, as the per-capita revenue from the tax varied from Rs 42 to less than Rs 1,700 in 2012-13. There is much scope to __(7)__revenue from vacant land, including a betterment tax. Taxes like those on hoardings and entertainment, besides octroi, will get __(8)__in the goods and services tax.__(9)__ , our cities do need to shore up user charges from utilities, public transport, and parking. Further, the report suggests that local bodies be compensated for civic services provided to state and central government offices. Cities must raise far more __(10)__ on their own, than they do at present.

Q.1- (1) wealth (2) revenue (3) gold (4) property (5) fund

Q.2- (1) stop (2) scanty (3) hindrance (4) stunted (5) finished

Q.3- (1) which (2) whom (3) all (4) who (5) whose

Q.4- (1) reiterates (2) given (3) prefers (4) support (5) create

Q.5- (1) want (2) needs (3) rejects (4) require (5) demanded

Q.6- (1) demands (2) wants (3) yearning (4) need (5) ask

Q.7- (1) increase (2) access (3) decline (4) decrease (5) collects

Q.8- (1) involve (2) classify (3) subordinate (4) multiplied (5) subsumed

Q.9- (1) Besides (2) although (3) beside(4) otherwise (5) where

Q.10- (1) cash (2) revenues (3) plan(4) data (5) money


  1. (2) revenue
  2. (4) stunted 
  3. (1) which
  4. (1) reiterates 
  5. (2) needs 
  6. (4) need 
  7. (1) increase
  8. (5) subsumed
  9. (1) Besides
  10. (2) revenues

Q.2. For other options- scanty- inadequate, hindrance- obstruction

Q.6. For other option- yearning- desire

Q.7. For other option- access- approach

Q.8. For other option- subordinate- supplementary

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