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Monday, 7 August 2017

Bank Quiz : English Language | 07 - 08 - 17

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Bank Quiz : English Language | 04 - 08 - 17

Cloze test

In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. 

Ultimately, everyone had to give a little and endorse (1) that purists in both our parties may not like. This is how American democracy is supposed to work, even if it has not for quite some time. Our proposal first focuses on the most urgent crisis: the skyrocketing cost of (2) health insurance premiums. The Trump administration is considering suspending cost-sharing payments that defray out-of-pocket payments like (3) and copayments for people earning less than 250 percent of the poverty line. Because of uncertainty about this subsidy, insurers have said premiums could rise by 15 percent or more. On Aug. 16, insurers must submit their 2018 rates to state regulators for approval; many may be forced to leave the individual marketplace altogether. Our plan would (4) markets by making the cost-sharing payments mandatory and thereby prevent rates from rising sharply. Second, we provide a relief valve to help states deal with the (5) cost of pre-existing and chronic conditions. The costliest 5 percent of patients account for nearly half of all health care (6) in the country. We propose a dedicated stability fund — essentially a form of reinsurance — that states could use to reduce premiums and limit losses for providing coverage for these high-cost patients. Third, our proposal provides relief to (7) businesses from the (8) that they provide insurance to full-time employees. It also defines “full time” as a 40-hour workweek to discourage businesses from (9) employees’ weekly hours to skirt the mandate. More than 90 percent of large businesses offered health care before the Affordable Care Act, and studies show that they would continue to do so under this change; others would move to find employee coverage in the individual marketplace.

Fourth, our plan eliminates the Medical Device Tax, an excise charge of 2.3 percent that is often passed onto consumers and reduces funds for research and development. And finally, we provide states with additional (10) to enter into agreements — such as enabling the sale of insurance across state lines — that would provide more choice and lower costs. This proposal would not increase the federal deficit, offering several options to offset the new spending.

1. (1) board (2) fodder (3) provisions (4) victuals (5) viands

2. (1) individual (2) respective (3) lone (4) distinct (5) several 

3. (1) detectable (2) testable (3) confirm (4) certainty (5) deductibles

4. (1) stabilize (2) preserve (3) sustaining (4) bolt (5) stiffen 

5. (1) higher (2) low (3) lower (4) high (5) smooth 

6. (1) expanding (2) spending (3) creating (4) leaving (5) vanish 

7. (1) positive (2) sure (3) assured (4) certain (5) doubting 

8. (1) mandate (2) decree (3) injunction (4) fiat (5) word 

9. (1) employing (2) shaping (3) manipulating (4) managing (5) using 

10. (1) resilience (2) flexibility (3) docility (4) density (5) extensible 

Ans 1-(3)

Ans 2- (1)

Ans 3- (5)

Ans 4- (1)

Ans 5- (4)

Ans 6- (2)

Ans 7- (4)

Ans 8- (1)

Ans 9- (3)

Ans 10- (2)


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