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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Vocabulary Words – 11.01.2017

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Vocabulary Words – 11.01.2017

Synonyms: beginning, germinal

Antonyms: Dying, withering

Example Sentence: The rapid growth of this commercial organization in its nascent stage is commendable.

2. NOMADIC (ADJECTIVE): Wandering 

Synonyms: meandering, roving Antonyms: settled, established

Example Sentence: 

Nomadic tribes of Rajasthan are found in every major Indian city.

3. NEOPHYTE (NOUN): Beginner

Synonyms: Novice, newcomer Antonyms: experienced, expert

Example Sentence: 

Rahul is neophyte in politics.

4. NONPLUS (VERB): Confuse

Synonyms: perplex, astonish Antonyms: bore, calm

Example Sentence: 

I was nonplussed when my best friend refused to stand by me in my financial crisis.

5. NULLIFY (VERB): Cancel

Synonyms: revoke, invalidate Antonyms: allow, approve

Example Sentence:

The agreement made by the previous government has been nullified by the new government.

6. OVERT (ADJECTIVE): Obvious 

Synonyms: apparent, unconcealed Antonyms: concealed, obscure

Example Sentence: 

The trampling of the national flag is an overt act of treason.

7. OPULENCE (NOUN): Wealth 

Synonyms: abundance, affluence Antonyms: dearth, deficiency

Example Sentence: 

The foreign travellers to America admire the opulence of that country.


Synonyms: hateful, horrible Antonyms: attractive, delightful

Example Sentence: 

Since I considered his betrayal to be an execrable offense that I could not forgive him.


Synonyms: flamboyant, garish Antonyms: plain, reserve

Example Sentence: 

She is disliked for her ostentatious behaviour towards her friends and colleagues.

10. PARASITE (ADJECTIVE): Living on another

Synonyms: dependent, leech Antonyms: supportive, independent

Example Sentence:

Flatters are considered to be parasites because their existence depends on sycophancy.

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