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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Vocabulary Words – 10.01.2017

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Vocabulary Words – 10.01.2017
1. MENIAL (ADJECTIVE): Suitable for servant.

Synonyms: servile, lowly 

Antonyms: superior, noble

Example Sentence:

I do not mind doing menial kitchen work until I become a professional chef. 

2. MAGNATE (NOUN): Person of prominence 

Synonyms: aristocrat, tycoon Antonyms: nobody, nonentity

Example Sentence: 

Basant is a steel magnate of India.


Synonyms: Impetus, energy Antonyms: lethargy, weakness

Example Sentence: 

This campaign is really gaining momentum.


Synonyms: earthly, ordinary Antonyms: abnormal, uncommon

Example Sentence: 

Worldly people are often concerned with mundane matters.

5. MOOT (ADJECTIVE): Debatable

Synonyms: doubtful, unsettled Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:

Whether reservation for women is justified or not is a moot point.

6. MONOTONY (NOUN): Boredom 

Synonyms: sameness, tedium Antonyms: break, difference

Example Sentence: 

Doing something different may help break the monotony of the week. 

7. MEMENTO (NOUN): Token 

Synonyms: reminder, keepsake Antonyms: ordinary, common

Example Sentence: 

I gave him a book as a memento on his birthday.

8. MYRIAD (ADJECTIVE): Large number

Synonyms: multiple, immeasurable Antonyms: bounded, calculable

Example Sentence: 

Myriad stars twinkle in the sky.

9. NADIR (NOUN): Lowest point

Synonyms: rock bottom, base Antonyms: zenith, acme

Example Sentence: 

He is at the nadir of his hope.

10. NAIVE (ADJECTIVE): Childlike

Synonyms: ingenuous, ignorant Antonyms: aware, experienced

Example Sentence:

Being naive she believes in all that her friends tell her.

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