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    Thursday, 5 January 2017

    Vocabulary Words – 05.01.2017

    Vocabulary Words – 05.01.2017
    1. SULLY (VERB): Smudge 

    Synonyms: defile, debase 

    Antonyms: cleanse, sterilize

    Example Sentence: 

    If the factory is built near this society, it will probably sully the clean air of the society.

    2. ANOMALOUS (ADJECTIVE): Abnormal 

    Synonyms: atypical, unnatural Antonyms: usual, normal

    Example Sentence: 

    He behaves as if he were an anomalous person.

    3. KNACK (NOUN): Art

    Synonyms: ability, talent Antonyms: disinclination, inability

    Example Sentence: 

    Politicians know the knack of putting the people off.

    4. MELEE (NOUN): stampede

    Synonyms: battle, fight Antonyms: calm, harmony

    Example Sentence: 

    In the Kumbh fair many pilgrims were injured in the melee.

    5. MEDDLESOME (ADJECTIVE): Interfering

    Synonyms: intrusive, nosy Antonyms: avoiding, ignorant

    Example Sentence:

    Many marriages are ruined because of meddlesome mother-in-law.

    6. ORNATE (ADJECTIVE): Decorate 

    Synonyms: embroidered, beautiful Antonyms: plain, simple

    Example Sentence: 

    Ornate style of his essay appears to be artificial.

    7. NASCENT (ADJECTIVE): Incipient 

    Synonyms: beginning, developing Antonyms: dying, withering

    Example Sentence: 

    The rapid growth of this commercial organization in its nascent stage is commendable.

    8. POIGNANT (ADJECTIVE): affecting

    Synonyms: bitter, painful Antonyms: happy, cheerful

    Example Sentence: 

    The poignant cries of the orphaned children moved everybody present at the funeral.

    9. QUENCH (VERB): Satisfy

    Synonyms: satiate, quell Antonyms: dry, bear

    Example Sentence: India must deal with the militants with an iron hand to quench anti-national activities.

    10. SLANDER (NOUN): Defame

    Synonyms: libel, vilify Antonyms: praise, commendation

    Example Sentence:

    The editor of the newspaper was charged with slander.

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