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    Monday, 2 January 2017

    Vocabulary Words - 02.01.2017

    Vocabulary Words - 02.01.2017
    1. FRAILTY (NOUN): Weakness

    Synonyms: defect, fallibility 

    Antonyms: advantage, perfection

    Example Sentence: 

    Despite her frailty she manages to work hard.

    2. GRANDIOSE (ADJECTIVE): Theatrical

    Synonyms: ambitious, bombastic Antonyms: trivial, moderate

    Example Sentence:

    He produced several grandiose schemes for a holiday resort but no resort was ever built.

    3. PAUCITY (NOUN): Scarcity

    Synonyms: dearth, insufficiency Antonyms: sufficiency, enough

    Example Sentence:

    The paucity of trained medical professionals is a major challenge for India.

    4. PERILOUS (ADJECTIVE): Dangerous

    Synonyms: hazardous, rugged Antonyms: calm, firm

    Example Sentence:

    Efforts were made to escape the necessity of accepting the perilous aid.

    5. IMPETUS (NOUN): Stimulus

    Synonyms: catalyst, impulse Antonyms: block, discouragement

    Example Sentence:

    What the economy needs is a new impetus.

    6. INNOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): Harmless

    Synonyms: inoffensive, insipid Antonyms: delicious, yummy

    Example Sentence: 

    Krishana’s decision to quit the job was innocuous.

    7. BENEVOLENCE (NOUN): Charity

    Synonyms: altruism, compassion Antonyms: cruelty, harshness

    Example Sentence: 

    Mother Teresa is known for her benevolence.

    8. SPORADIC (ADJECTIVE): On and off

    Synonyms: desultory, isolated Antonyms: common, frequent

    Example Sentence:

    A city subjected to sporadic bombing raids.

    9. FLAMBOYANT (ADJECTIVE): Extravagant

    Synonyms: glamorous, ornate Antonyms: dull, plain

    Example Sentence:

    He always wears flamboyant clothes to make people notice him.

    10. ADULATION (NOUN): Overenthusiastic praise

    Synonyms: applause, commendation Antonyms: abuse, criticism

    Example Sentence:

    The book was received with adulation by the critics.

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