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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Vocabulary Words - 01.01.2017

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Vocabulary Words - 01.01.2017
1. EXASPERATE (VERB): provoke

Synonyms: agitate, annoy 

Antonyms: appease, pacify

Example Sentence: 

He was exasperated by the continual interruptions.

2. DETERRENT (NOUN): restraint

Synonyms: disincentive, hindrance

Antonyms: assistance, help

Example Sentence:

Nuclear deterrent does not necessarily create a sense of security for the people of the nation. 

3. BOISTEROUS (ADJECTIVE): Noisy and mischievous

Synonyms: uproarious, raucous 

Antonyms: moderate, solemn

Example Sentence:

A boisterous crowd spoiled the market.

4. APPALLING (ADJECTIVE): horrifying

Synonyms: astounding, dreadful 

Antonyms: delightful, pleasant

Example Sentence:

Food victims are struggling to survive in appalling conditions in Orissa.

5. RAPPORT (NOUN): understanding between people

Synonyms: harmony, empathy 

Antonyms: discord, incompatibility

Example Sentence:

We had a real good rapport with the company.

6. PUNITIVE (ADJECTIVE): concerning punishment

Synonyms: penal, retaliatory 

Antonyms: beneficial, rewarding

Example Sentence: 

Punitive methods are restricted in Montessori.

7. FALLACY (NOUN): illusion

Synonyms: deception, heresy 

Antonyms: truth, accuracy

Example Sentence: 

People had fallacies about Chandraswami.

8. IMPROMPTU (ADJECTIVE): unrehearsed

Synonyms: offhand, spontaneous

Antonyms: deliberate, planned

Example Sentence:

Dean explained to his stepfather Cynthia's impromptu trip to the shore after receiving Atherton's letter.

9. SOLECISM (NOUN): misuse

Synonyms: abuse, barbarism 

Antonyms: accuracy, correctness

Example Sentence:

Students should not do any type of solecism with their teachers.

10. SOPORIFIC (ADJECTIVE): sleepy; sleep-inducing

Synonyms: anesthetic, calming 

Antonyms: upsetting, conscious

Example Sentence:

He is taking a soporific drug for his disease.

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