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    Wednesday, 28 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 28.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 28.12.2016

    1. INDELICATE (ADJECTIVE):Indecorous

    Synonyms: brutish, callow

    Antonyms: decent, delicate

    Example Sentence:

    Laura remarks about Donald, however indelicate but carried the truth.


    Synonyms: mere, insufficient

    Antonyms: adequate, ample

    Example Sentence:

    There was scrimpy room to sit.

    3. SPUNKY(ADJECTIVE):Spirited

    Synonyms: energetic, courageous

    Antonyms: inactive, lethargic

    Example Sentence:

    Amelie is a spunky girl.


    Synonyms: barbed, hateful

    Antonyms: friendly, kind

    Example Sentence:

    There stood a very spiteful person in the corner of the room.

    5. DELICT(NOUN):Breach

    Synonyms: lawlessness,misdeed

    Antonyms: obedience, kindness

    Example Sentence:

    Given evidences showed the sheer delict of all the norms.

    6. PARCH(VERB): Arid

    Synonyms: bone dry,sear 

     Antonyms: moisten,dampen

    Example Sentence:

    The blistering summer sun parched the earth.


    Synonyms: sacred, consecrated

    Antonyms: unsacred, desecrated

    Example Sentence:

    There is a hallowed shrine in our village.

    8. SEQUESTRATION(NOUN): Seclusion

    Synonyms: aloneness, aloofness

     Antonyms: union, togetherness

    Example Sentence:

    Frieda liked the idea of sequestration.

    9. SCUTTER(VERB): Bustle

    Synonyms: dart, hurry

    Antonyms: slow, dawdle

    Example Sentence:

    The mouse wasscuttering in the room.

    10. ASTUTE (ADJECTIVE): Perceptive

    Synonyms: canny, adroit 

     Antonyms: foolish, asinine

    Example Sentence:

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