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    Tuesday, 27 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 27.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 27.12.2016
    1. NOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): Harmful

    Synonyms: damaging, injurious

    Antonyms: beneficial, harmless

    Example Sentence:

    Weed is nocuous to health.

    2. STUPEFACTION (NOUN): Confusion

    Synonyms: perplexity, bewilderment Antonyms: clarity, assurance

    Example Sentence:

    She gazed at Rita in stupefaction.

    3. UNDAUNTED (ADJECTIVE): Fearless

    Synonyms: steadfast, undettered Antonyms: coward, timorous

    Example Sentence:

    David is an undaunted man.

    4. TREPIDATION (NOUN): Apprehension

    Synonyms: anxiety, worry Antonyms: assurance, composure

    Example Sentence:

    She had some kind of trepidation in her mind. 

    5. UNBLENCHING (ADJECTIVE): Audacious 

    Synonyms: heroic, daring Antonyms: meek, afraid

    Example Sentence:

    Mona is an unblenching lady. 

    6. FROTHY (ADJECTIVE): foamy

    Synonyms: bubbly, yeasty Antonyms: flat, oblate

    Example Sentence:

    Ammy beated the eggs until until the mixture become frothy. 

    7. SNAPPY (ADJECTIVE) : Crotchety

    Synonyms: peppery, irritable Antonyms: pleasant, nice

    Example Sentence:

    Grorge is a snappy boy.

    8. BEDAUB (VERB): Smear

    Synonyms: smudge, daub Antonyms: cleanse, deodorize

    Example Sentence:

    Every wall of the room was bedaubed with paint.


    Synonyms: antagonistic, acerbic Antonyms: pleasant, kind

    Example Sentence:

    Her vitriolic comments about my dress hurt my feelings. 

    10. DECREPITUDE (NOUN): Infirmity

    Synonyms: weakness, debility Antonyms: strength, fitness

    Example Sentence:

    The social and political decrepitude of India is religion based politics.

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