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    Friday, 23 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 23.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 23.12.2016
    1. MENDACITY (NOUN): Insincerity

    Synonyms: deceit, deception 

    Antonyms: truthfulness, honesty

    Example Sentence: 

    James cannot find employment at a bank because of his mendacity.

    2. GUSTO (NOUN): Great enthusiasm

    Synonyms: fervor, relish Antonyms: apathy, hatred

    Example Sentence:

    Joseph plays football with gusto. 

    3. ARRAIGN (VERB): incriminate

    Synonyms: accuse, indict Antonyms: exculpate, exonerate

    Example Sentence: 

    Before Len was set to arraign, the judge liked to carefully review each case.

    4. PALL (NOUN): Dismay

    Synonyms: gloom, melancholy Antonyms: happiness, excitement

    Example Sentence:

    Angelina watched in pall as images of the war were shown on the screen.

    5. HORRENDOUS (ADJECTIVE): Abhorrent

    Synonyms: appalling, awful Antonyms: beautiful, delightful

    Example Sentence: 

    A hollow tearing sound was followed by a horrendous crash outside the office.

    6. GALVANIZE (VERB): Inspire

    Synonyms: motivate, energize Antonyms: discourage, dissuade

    Example Sentence: 

    Mr Abbas galvanizes everyone in the team.


    Synonyms: partial, unjust Antonyms: unbiased, fair

    Example Sentence

    Arvind is too partisan to be a captain of the cricket team.

    8. PATCHY (ADJECTIVE): Uneven 

    Synonyms: irregular, imperfect Antonyms: even, regular

    Example Sentence:

    The roads have patchy pattern.

    9. CASUISTRY (ADJECTIVE): Chicanery

    Synonyms: sophistry, equivocation Antonyms: certainty, genuineness

    Example Sentence:

    The shopkeeper used casuistry in an attempt to convince me he had the best deal in town.

    10. HAUTEUR (NOUN): Arrogance

    Synonyms: condescension , airs Antonyms: humility, modesty

    Example Sentence: 

    “No, thank you," said Helery, with some hauteur.

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