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    Thursday, 22 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 22.12.2016

     Vocabulary Words - 22.12.2016
    1. HIDEOUS (ADJECTIVE): Very ugly

    Synonyms: grotesque, horrible 

    Antonyms: delightful, gentle

    Example Sentence: 

    I saw a hideous crone on the way to the jungle.

    2. CONTINUANCE (NOUN): duration

    Synonyms: extension, protraction Antonyms: ending, cessation

    Example Sentence:

    She will get all the privileges during his continuance in the service. 

    3. JUDICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): sensible

    Synonyms: wise, skillful Antonyms: imprudent, irrational

    Example Sentence: 

    A judicious selection of books is essential for success.

    4. PROSCRIBE (VERB): forbid

    Synonyms: condemn, outlaw Antonyms: permit, allow

    Example Sentence:

    Indecent films should be proscribed by the Government.

    5. DISTILL (VERB): make pure, draw out something

    Synonyms: condense, infuse Antonyms: pour, dirty

    Example Sentence: 

    Water should be distilled before drinking.

    6. GLUM (ADJECTIVE): gloomy

    Synonyms: sullen, dismal Antonyms: glade, cheerful

    Example Sentence: 

    Shabana looked glum but later cheered up.

    7. HITCH (NOUN): problem

    Synonyms: drawback, glitch Antonyms: assistance, help

    Example Sentence: 

    She completed the project without a hitch.

    8. HURTLE (VERB): throw forcefully 

    Synonyms: plunge, change Antonyms: slow, walk

    Example Sentence:

    A pretty young girl came hurtling down the stairs.

    9. INCENDIARY (ADJECTIVE): provocative

    Synonyms: stirring, subversive Antonyms: peacemaking, peaceful

    Example Sentence:

    This article is very incendiary.

    10. INNOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): harmless

    Synonyms: painless, consider Antonyms: injurious, hurtful

    Example Sentence: 

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