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    Wednesday, 21 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 21.12.2016

     Vocabulary Words - 21.12.2016
    1. HYSTERIA (NOUN): Agitation

    Synonyms: frenzy, delirium 

    Antonyms: peace, calmness

    Example Sentence: 

    The Minister ridiculed the ongoing family hysteria in the party.

    2. DELICT (NOUN): Violation

    Synonyms: transgression, misdeed Antonyms: obedience, orderliness

    Example Sentence:

    This is the delict of the protocols set by the present regime. 

    3. SCAMPER (VERB): Run

    Synonyms: dash, hurry Antonyms: dawdle, stroll

    Example Sentence:

    Kohli scampered through for a wicket.

    4. CROTCHETY (ADJECTIVE): Cantankerous

    Synonyms: crusty, grouchy Antonyms: cheerful, happy

    Example Sentence:

    You should take care of your crotchety old fellow.

    5. INALIENABLE (ADJECTIVE): invoilable 

    Synonyms: entailed, inbred Antonyms: alienable, changeable

    Example Sentence:

    It is her inalienable right.

    6. SECLUSION (ADJECTIVE): Isolation

    Synonyms: solitude, retreat Antonyms: camaraderie, companionship

    Example Sentence: 

    Mihir went into seclusion for months after a motorcycle crash in 1993.

    7. PEDANTIC (ADJECTIVE): Overscrupulous

    Synonyms: fastidious, punctilious Antonyms: imprecise, inexact

    Example Sentence: 

    His brother is a pedantic man who usually misses all the vacation fun because he is busy reviewing travel documents.

    8. TYRANNIZE (VERB): Oppress

    Synonyms: dictate, dominate Antonyms: surrender, yield

    Example Sentence:

    James was free to tyrannize over his people, as he was a king “in all but name”.

    9. COLONIZE (VERB): Occupy

    Synonyms: populate, inhabit Antonyms: depart, vacate

    Example Sentence:

    The Greeks colonized southern Italy.

    10. MISCONSTRUE (VERB): Distort

    Synonyms: misinterpret, pervert Antonyms: comprehend, discern

    Example Sentence:

    Please do not misconstrue whatever I have said.

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