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    Tuesday, 20 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 20.12.2016

     Vocabulary Words - 20.12.2016
    1. DECREPIT (ADJECTIVE): Dilapidated

    Synonyms: rickety, ramshackle 

    Antonyms: firm, sound

    Example Sentence: 

    There was a dilapidated haveli on the way to jungle.


    Synonyms: everlasting, deathless Antonyms: perishable, destructible

    Example Sentence:

    God is imperishable. 


    Synonyms: resound , resonate Antonyms: quiten, dull

    Example Sentence:

    His voice reverberate in Saumya’s mind.


    Synonyms: wicked, cantankerous Antonyms: compliant, nice

    Example Sentence:

    Len is a perverse man.

    5. APPENDAGE (NOUN): Addition

    Synonyms: attachment, addendum Antonyms: necessity, requirement

    Example Sentence:

    The tower is merely an appendage to this royal building.

    6. INNATE (ADJECTIVE): Inherited

    Synonyms: intrinsic, inborn Antonyms: acquired, extrinsic

    Example Sentence: 

    Singing talent is innate in her.

    7. DEVOUT (ADJECTIVE): Adoring

    Synonyms: ardent, fervent Antonyms: apathetic, disloyal

    Example Sentence: 

    My mother considers me a devout person.

    8. AGOG (ADJECTIVE): Eager

    Synonyms: excited, anxious Antonyms: disinterested, unenthusiastic

    Example Sentence:

    kids were agog as they waited for Donald Duck’s arrival. 

    9. FRAIL (ADJECTIVE): Feeble

    Synonyms: infirm, slender Antonyms: solid, strong

    Example Sentence:

    Dr. Mukul saw a frail woman.

    10. TORPEDO (VERB): Invalidate

    Synonyms: abolish, annul Antonyms: validate, approve

    Example Sentence:

    The new committee torpedoed the old rules.

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