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    Monday, 19 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 19.12.2016


    Synonyms: damaging, detrimental Antonyms: helpful, aiding

    Example Sentence: 

    Alcohol is deleterious for health.

    2. HARDLINE (ADJECTIVE): Uncompromising

    Synonyms: undeviating, unyielding Antonyms: flexible, irresolute

    Example Sentence:

    His values are hardline as he is very upright in nature. 

    3. RETRIBUTION (NOUN): Comeuppance

    Synonyms: retaliation, reckoning Antonyms: pardon, forgiveness

    Example Sentence:

    Kanika desperately needed retribution.

    4. CLEMENCY (NOUN): Mercy

    Synonyms: compassion, leniency Antonyms: cruelty, meanness

    Example Sentence:

    The judge showed no clemency and sentenced him the death punishment.

    5. CONSIGN (VERB): Relegate 

    Synonyms: confide, deliver Antonyms: keep, cease

    Example Sentence:

    All the sellers consign their unwanted goods to the shop.

    6. BIFURCATE (VERB): Divide

    Synonyms: bisect, diverge Antonyms: agree, unite

    Example Sentence: 

    This road is bifurcated into two suburbs.

    7. FIERY (ADJECTIVE): Blazing

    Synonyms: burning, flaming Antonyms: cold, cool

    Example Sentence: 

    Maya cooked in a fiery furnace.

    8. WALLOP (VERB): Clobber

    Synonyms: drub, trounce Antonyms: lose, surrender

    Example Sentence:

    They wallop Raman. 


    Synonyms: critical, acute Antonyms: unimportant, frequent

    Example Sentence:

    His life has become climacteric.

    10. PRUNE (VERB): Trim

    Synonyms: shorten, snip Antonyms: augment, elongate

    Example Sentence:

    She ordered the servant to prune the plant.

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