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    Sunday, 18 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 18.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 18.12.2016
    1. MAYHEM (NOUN): Chaos

    Synonyms: bedlam, tumult 

    Antonyms: peace, harmony

    Example Sentence: 

    There was mayhem all around the premises.

    2. DETERENT (NOUN): Impediment

    Synonyms: restraint, hindrance Antonyms: assistance, help

    Example Sentence:

    The distance between us was a huge deterrent. 


    Synonyms: incoherent, inappropriate Antonyms: congruous, harmonious

    Example Sentence:

    His dressing sense is incongruous.

    4. QUIBBLE (NOUN): Objection

    Synonyms: criticism, disapproval Antonyms: approval, praise

    Example Sentence:

    The fact has been tested again and again with the same result—that of quibble and simple evasion.

    4. ESPOUSE (VERB): Support 

    Synonyms: adopt, embrace Antonyms: reject, desert

    Example Sentence:

    I espouse your idea.

    6. REBUT (VERB): Deny

    Synonyms: disprove, invalidate Antonyms: allow, validate

    Example Sentence: 

    It is hard to rebut the rumour among the people.

    7. TANTAMOUNT (ADJECTIVE): Identical

    Synonyms: same, equivalent Antonyms: different, polar

    Example Sentence: 

    To apologize now, is tantamount to admit our defeat.

    8. BREVITY(NOUN): Concision

    Synonyms: conciseness, curtness Antonyms: longevity, lengthiness

    Example Sentence:

    Leo uses the same brevity in his messages.

    9. VENGEANCE (NOUN): Reprisal

    Synonyms: retribution, revenge Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon

    Example Sentence:

    Len vowed for vengeance.

    10. DISPEL (VERB): Disperse

    Synonyms: allay, banish Antonyms: accept, welcome

    Example Sentence:

    Tia could dispel it.
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