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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Vocabulary Words - 11.12.2016

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Vocabulary Words - 11.12.2016
1. IMPUTE (VERB): to put blame on 

Synonyms: charge, blame 

Antonyms: exonerate, defend 

Example Sentence: 

It is unfair to impute blame to the employees.

2. VIABILITY (NOUN): practicability 

Synonyms: enthusiasm, zest Antonyms: dullness, apathy

Example Sentence: 

The viability of Financial Inclusion business is under question, because while banks and their delivery partners continue to make investment, they haven’t seen commensurate returns.

3. REVERENT (ADJECTIVE): showing great respect

Synonyms: appreciative, solemn Antonyms: impolite, rude 

Example Sentence: 

A reverent silence followed the professor's lecture.

4. INSULATE (VERB): to protect from negative impact

Synonyms: seclude, shield Antonyms: join, mingle

Example Sentence: 

We insulated our attic to keep out the cold.

5. INTERWIND (VERB): twist around

Synonyms: associate, entwine Antonyms: untwine, untwist

Example Sentence: 

Circumstances will often interwind with the moods of simply irritated men.

6. OUST (VERB): to drive out of power

Synonyms: depose, dethrone Antonyms: hire, retain 

Example Sentence: 

The leaders have been ousted from power by nationalists.

7. INSTINCTIVE (ADJECTIVE): without any deliberation

Synonyms: impulsive, congenital Antonyms: deliberate, extrinsic

Example Sentence: 

It's an instinctive reaction, if a child falls you pick it up.

8. MONSTROUS (ADJECTIVE): very unfair 

Synonyms: unnatural, shocking Antonyms: acceptable, pleasant

Example Sentence: 

The last statement was long considered so monstrous that it was not believed.

9. BRUTISH (ADJECTIVE): cruel and uncivilized

Synonyms: beastlike, carnal Antonyms: gentle, mild

Example Sentence: 

Danish is a handsome boy but his brutish behavior defames his character.

10. CRIPPLE (VERB): to maim

Synonyms: debilitate, attenuate Antonyms: mobilize, capacitate

Example Sentence: 

A total cut-off of supplies would cripple the country's economy.a

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