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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Vocabulary Words - 09.11.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 09.11.2016
1. PROSCRIBE (VERB): condemn 

Synonyms: ostracize, embargo 

Antonyms: laud, commend

Example Sentence:

They proscribed the terror attack.

2. ARBITRARINESS (NOUN): overenthusiasm

Synonyms: zealotry, bigotry Antonyms: apathy, impartiality

Example Sentence:

We were tired of his arbitrariness.

3. VINDICTIVENSS (NOUN): spitefulness

Synonyms: malevolence, maliciousness Antonyms: benevolence, merriness 

Example Sentence: 

We have encountered a lot of vindictiveness.

4. THRIVE (VERB): do well 

Synonyms: prosper, blossom Antonyms: shrink, shrivel

Example Sentence:

They thrived for some time.

5. INFRINGE (VERB): violate

Synonyms: encroach, contravene Antonyms: comply, obey

Example Sentence:

They infringed the contract.


Synonyms: malevolent, malignant Antonyms: aiding, assisting 

Example Sentence: 

He has malicious intentions towards you.


Synonyms: inclined, devoted Antonyms: disinclined, unskilled

Example Sentence:

His prone students wanted him to take the class.

8. PREROGATIVE (NOUN): privilege

Synonyms: perquisite, exemption Antonyms: duty, obligation 

Example Sentence:

We must never misuse our prerogatives.

9. DEFAME (VERB): inflict libel/slander

Synonyms: besmirch, denigrate Antonyms: commend, exalt

Example Sentence:

They defamed the company by their actions.

10. PREDOMINATE (VERB): be the most noticeable

Synonyms: domineer, outweigh Antonyms: serve, surrender

Example Sentence:

He predominated the meeting with his points.

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