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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Vocabulary Words - 08.11.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 08.11.2016
1. VIOLATION (NOUN): breach 

Synonyms: contravention, encroachment

Antonyms: obedience, observance

Example Sentence:

There have been many ceasefire violations in the past.


Synonyms: impulse, penchant Antonyms: antipathy, distaste

Example Sentence:

We must have an inclination towards motherland in life.

3. VICINITY (NOUN): local area

Synonyms: proximity, neighborhood Antonyms: faraway, foreign

Example Sentence: 

We have many standard personalities in our vicinity.

4. INVOKE (VERB): put into effect 

Synonyms: enforce, implement Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence:

The invoked the new laws immediately.


Synonyms: lawful, judicial Antonyms: illicit, illegitimate

Example Sentence:

There are many statutory provisions

6. ADJUDICATE (VERB): formally judge

Synonyms: adjudge, mediate Antonyms: dodge, defer 

Example Sentence: 

He was adjudicated by the top judge.

7. IMMINENT (ADJECTIVE): on the way

Synonyms: impending, looming Antonyms: distant, escapable

Example Sentence:

There are a few imminent threats that we face.

8. EXPEDITE (VERB): make happen faster

Synonyms: hasten, quicken Antonyms: hinder, retard 

Example Sentence:

We must expedite the process of healing.

9. INCURSION (NOUN): invasion

Synonyms: aggression, infiltration Antonyms: retreat, regroup

Example Sentence:

Their incursions were extremely barbarous.

10. TRANSGRESSION (NOUN): bad behavior

Synonyms: infraction, infringement Antonyms: submission, obedience

Example Sentence:

His transgression is the cause of his neglect.

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