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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Vocabulary Words - 20.10.2016

Mahendra Guru

Vocabulary Words - 20.10.2016
1. IMMENSE (ADJECTIVE): extremely large

Synonyms: boundless, colossal

Antonyms: puny, teeny

Example Sentence:

Marriage is an immense decision for a person.

2. INTEGRAL (ADJECTIVE): necessary

Synonyms: elemental, intrinsic Antonyms: extrinsic, supplemental

Example Sentence:

Proofing of the article is an integral step.

3. PROPAGATE (VERB): spread

Synonyms: circulate, disseminate Antonyms: conceal, hide

Example Sentence: 

We need to propagate our agenda.

4. ADJUDICATE (VERB): formally judge

Synonyms: determine, adjudge Antonyms: defer, hesitate

Example Sentence:

We adjudicated him to be guilty of the crime.

5. ABHORRENT (ADJECTIVE): disgusting

Synonyms: despicable, loathsome Antonyms: beautiful, gorgeous 

Example Sentence:

He is an abhorrent person.

6. SANCTION (NOUN): approval

Synonyms: assent, approbation Antonyms: denial, prevention

Example Sentence: 

We received the sanction for our tasks.


Synonyms: accord, rapprochement Antonyms: disagreement, dissension

Example Sentence:

He has proposed an agreement on the issue.

8. PRECEDENT (NOUN): authoritative example

Synonyms: exemplar, authority Antonyms: joke, knockoff

Example Sentence:

He presented a precedent regarding giving a presentation.

9. UPHOLD (VERB): maintain

Synonyms: endorse, elevate Antonyms: lessen, discourage

Example Sentence:

We were able to uphold our record.

10. REVOKE (VERB): take back

Synonyms: abrogate, quash Antonyms: legalize, affirm

Example Sentence:

The Supreme Court revoked the ban imposed by the government.

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