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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Vocabulary Words - 19.10.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 19.10.2016
1. EXCORIATE (VERB): criticize 

Synonyms: castigate, lambaste 

Antonyms: compliment, flatter 

Example Sentence: 

We must be excoriated for our mistakes. 


Synonyms: meager, measly Antonyms: significant, substantial 

Example Sentence: 

We have a paltry amount of food. 


Synonyms: immutable, irreversible Antonyms: revocable, alterable 

Example Sentence: 

We must adopt an irrevocable approach of elimination towards terrorism. 

4. PITTANCE (NOUN): small amount 

Synonyms: drop, bit Antonyms: plenty, lot 

Example Sentence: 

We have paid him the pittance of money he deserved. 

5. INTERVENE (VERB): mediate 

Synonyms: arbitrate, negotiate Antonyms: unite, connect 

Example Sentence: 

He intervened and brokered a peace deal. 

6. APEX (NOUN): top 

Synonyms: apogee, pinnacle Antonyms: base, nadir 

Example Sentence: 

We reached the apex point of the mountain. 

7. DISPARATE (ADJECTIVE): different 

Synonyms: contrasting, discordant Antonyms: alike, similar 

Example Sentence: 

He wore a dress of disparate colors. 

8. INCORRIGIBLE (ADJECTIVE): unable to be fixed 

Synonyms: irreversible, cureless Antonyms: mendable, fixable 

Example Sentence: 

It was an incorrigible fault. 

9. APPREHENSION (NOUN): anxiety 

Synonyms: disquiet, dread Antonyms: calmness, certainty 

Example Sentence: 

It caused a lot of apprehension. 

10. ASCENDANCY (NOUN): domination 

Synonyms: dominance, predominance Antonyms: inferiority, subordination 

Example Sentence: 

The British ascendancy on India ended in 1947. 

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