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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams |08-06-2024

Mahendra Guru

1.EUPHORIA (NOUN): (उत्साह): elation

Synonyms: happiness, joy

Antonyms: misery

Example Sentence:

In his euphoria, he had become convinced he could defeat them.

2.RIFE (ADJECTIVE): (फैला हुआ): widespread

Synonyms: general, common

Antonyms: scarce, unknown

Example Sentence:

Male chauvinism was rife in medicine.

3.EXACERBATE (VERB): (बदतर होना): aggravate

Synonyms: worsen, inflame

Antonyms: calm

Example Sentence:

Their silly attempts to resolve their misunderstandings exacerbated matters.

4. RECTITUDE (NOUN): (निष्कपटता): righteousness

Synonyms: goodness, virtue

Antonyms: infamy

Example Sentence:

The necessity of moral rectitude was itself an incentive.

5. UNDERLIE (VERB): (नींव रखना): fundamental

Synonyms: basic, basal

Antonyms: subordinate

Example Sentence:

We discussed the principles that underlay their methods.

6. DISPENSE (VERB): (छोड़ देना): waive

Synonyms: omit, drop

Antonyms: include

Example Sentence:

Let's dispense with the formalities, shall we?

7. DISMAY (NOUN): (त्रस्त करना): appall

Synonyms: horrify, shock

Antonyms: encourage

Example Sentence:

He was dismayed by the U-turn in policy.

8.TENACITY (NOUN): (दृढ़ता): persistence

Synonyms: determination, perseverance

Antonyms: irresoluteness

Example Sentence:

She fought with tenacity born of anxiety.

9.SUPPRESS (VERB): (छिपाना): censor

Synonyms: redact, conceal

Antonyms: publicize

Example Sentence:

The report had been suppressed.

10. ABREAST (ADVERB): (के साथ): up with

Synonyms: up to date with, in touch with

Antonyms: out of touch with

Example Sentence:

In modern times, one has to keep abreast of developments.


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