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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams |22-05-2024

Mahendra Guru

1.SHED (VERB): (मुक्त करना): dismiss

Synonyms: let go, discharge

Antonyms: hire

Example Sentence:

Many firms use relocation as an opportunity to shed jobs.

2.HYPOTHETICAL (ADJECTIVE): (प्राक्कल्पनात्मक): theoretical

Synonyms: speculative, conjectured

Antonyms: real

Example Sentence:

He brought up a hypothetical case to make his point.

3.ABEYANCE (NOUN): (निलम्बन): suspension

Synonyms: suspense, remission

Antonyms: in hand

Example Sentence:

Matters were held in abeyance pending further enquiries.

4.ARBITRARY (ADJECTIVE): (निरंकुश): despotic

Synonyms: tyrannical, peremptory

Antonyms: democratic

Example Sentence:

India is not a country under arbitrary government.

5.SUSTAIN (VERB): (आराम पहुंचाना): comfort

Synonyms: help assist

Antonyms: torment

Example Sentence:

A thought had sustained him throughout the years.

6.DISTRESS (NOUN): (विपत्ति): anguish

Synonyms: suffering, pain

Antonyms: happiness

Example Sentence:

To his distress he saw that he was sad.

7.CONSISTENCY (NOUN): (स्थिरता): steadiness

Synonyms: stability constancy

Antonyms: inconsistency

Example Sentence:

The consistency of the measurement techniques is very essential.

8. IMPRUDENT (ADJECTIVE): (मूर्ख): unwise

Synonyms: injudicious, incautious

Antonyms: prudent

Example Sentence:

It would be imprudent to leave her behind.

9.SIMULATE (VERB): (ढोंग करना): feign

Synonyms: pretend, fake

Antonyms: genuine

Example Sentence:

It was impossible to force a smile, to simulate pleasure.

10.EPITOMISE (VERB): (संक्षिप्त करना): summarize

Synonyms: abstract, precise

Antonyms: elaborate

Example Sentence:

For the benefit of our readers, we will epitomize the pamphlet.


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