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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 20-03-2024

Mahendra Guru


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: To contemplate or visualize something in the future; to imagine or foresee something happening.

Synonyms: Imagine, visualize, foresee, contemplate

Antonym: Disregard, ignore, overlook

Sentence: She envisaged a future where renewable energy sources would power the entire city.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Serious, solemn, or somber, especially in demeanor or tone; giving cause for alarm or concern.

Synonyms: Serious, solemn, somber, earnest

Antonym: Light-hearted, trivial, frivolous

Sentence: His grave expression hinted at the severity of the situation.


Parts of Speech: VERB OR NOUN

Meaning: The beginning or start of something; the establishment or initiation of something.

Synonyms: Beginning, commencement, start, origin

Antonym: Conclusion, end, termination

Sentence: The company has grown significantly since its inception in 2005.


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: To travel or move across or through something, typically a difficult or challenging terrain; to pass or cross over.

Synonyms: Cross, navigate, travel, trek

Antonym: Stay, remain, stand still

Sentence: The hikers had to traverse a rugged mountain range to reach the summit.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Loud, harsh, and grating; characterized by a harsh, discordant sound or tone.

Synonyms: Shrill, piercing, loud, discordant

Antonym: Soft, gentle, mellow

Sentence: The speaker's strident voice made it difficult for the audience to concentrate on the message.


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: Walking long distances with heavy steps, typically through rough terrain or in a casual or aimless manner.

Synonyms: Hiking, trekking, rambling, wandering

Antonym: Resting, lounging, relaxing

Sentence: They spent the weekend tramping through the forest, enjoying the beauty of nature.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Visually attractive, especially in a quaint or charming way; pleasing or striking in appearance.

Synonyms: Scenic, charming, picturesque, attractive

Antonym: Unsightly, unattractive, dull

Sentence: The small village nestled in the valley was picturesque, with its colorful houses and lush greenery.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Unclear, vague, or ill-defined; lacking definite form or boundaries.

Synonyms: Ambiguous, vague, unclear, indistinct

Antonym: Clear, definite, precise, distinct

Sentence: The concept of happiness can be quite nebulous, as it means different things to different people.


Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: A mild or indirect word or expression used in place of one considered too harsh, blunt, or offensive.

Synonyms: Indirect expression, understatement, polite term

Antonym: Dysphemism, directness, bluntness

Sentence: "Pass away" is a euphemism commonly used to refer to someone's death.


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: Showing excessive willingness to serve or please others; overly submissive or obedient, often to an excessive degree.

Synonyms: Obedient, compliant, submissive, servile

Antonym: Assertive, independent, dominant, self-reliant

Sentence: He found it uncomfortable working with a subservient assistant who never questioned his decisions.


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