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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 09-02-2024

Mahendra Guru

1. UNIFORMITY एकरूपता

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The state or quality of being uniform or consistent; the absence of variations, differences, or diversity.

Synonym: Consistency, sameness, regularity, conformity

Antonym: Diversity, variability, inconsistency, disparity

Example Sentence: The company aimed for uniformity in its products to ensure a consistent and recognizable brand image.

2. PARAMOUNT शीर्ष

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Of the utmost importance or significance; supreme or highest in authority.

Synonym: Supreme, dominant, primary, preeminent

Antonym: Insignificant, secondary, subordinate, unimportant

Example Sentence: The safety of the passengers is paramount in the airline industry.

3. SECULAR धर्मनिरपेक्ष

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Not religious or spiritual; relating to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, sacred, or spiritual.

Synonym: Non-religious, worldly, temporal, non-spiritual

Antonym: Religious, spiritual, sacred, divine

Example Sentence: The country's constitution ensures a secular state where religious beliefs do not influence government decisions.

4. CONSOLIDATE समेकित करना

Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: To combine or merge different elements into a single, unified whole; to strengthen or make something more stable.

Synonym: Unify, merge, integrate, combine

Antonym: Divide, separate, scatter, disperse

Example Sentence: The company decided to consolidate its various departments into a single, efficient unit.

5. BIZZARE विचित्र

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning : Unusual, strange, or eccentric in a striking or unsettling way; markedly unconventional.

Synonym: Weird, peculiar, eccentric, outlandish

Antonyms : Ordinary, conventional, normal, commonplace

Example Sentence: The art exhibition featured bizarre sculptures that challenged traditional notions of form and function.

6. INCURSION आक्रमण

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: A sudden and aggressive entrance or invasion into a place, often with the intention of causing damage or disruption.

Synonym: Invasion, raid, foray, attack

Antonym: Withdrawal, retreat, departure

Example Sentence: The military conducted a swift incursion into the enemy territory to gather intelligence.

7. INSTRUSIVE अत्याचारी

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Tending to intrude or thrust oneself into the affairs or privacy of others; characterized by unwarranted or unwanted interference.

Synonym: Meddlesome, nosy, invasive, obtrusive

Antonym: Respectful, unobtrusive, considerate, discreet

Example Sentence: The intrusive questions from the reporter made the celebrity uncomfortable during the interview.

8. DESERTION छोड़ देना

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The act of abandoning or forsaking a duty, obligation, post, or person, often without permission or justification.

Synonym: Abandonment, betrayal, defection, forsaking

Antonym: Loyalty, fidelity, commitment, adherence

Example Sentence: The soldier was court-martialed for desertion after leaving his post without authorization.

9. REPUGNANT घृणित

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Extremely distasteful, offensive, or causing intense aversion; arousing strong dislike or disgust.

Synonym: Offensive, disgusting, abhorrent, revolting

Antonyms: Appealing, pleasing, attractive, agreeable

Example Sentence: The smell emanating from the garbage bin was so repugnant that it made everyone in the room cringe.

10. AVENUE मार्ग

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: A wide street or thoroughfare, often lined with trees or buildings, providing a passage from one location to another.

Synonym: Street, boulevard, road, lane

Antonym: Dead-end, cul-de-sac, alley

Example Sentence: The city's main shopping avenue was bustling with people on a sunny weekend.


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