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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 28-02-2024

Mahendra Guru


Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The quality of being full of energy, excitement, cheerfulness, or liveliness.

Synonyms: Enthusiasm, vitality, vivacity, exuberant.

Antonyms: Restraint, subduedness, solemnity.

Sentence: The children's exuberance was evident as they played in the park, laughing and running around with great energy.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Harmful or damaging to health or well-being.

Synonyms: Harmful, detrimental, injurious, adverse.

Antonyms: Beneficial, advantageous, helpful.

Sentence: The scientist discovered that prolonged exposure to the chemical had deleterious effects on the lab animals.


Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The use of a mild or indirect expression in place of a harsh or unpleasant one; a figure of speech in which a milder word or phrase is substituted for a more direct or blunt one.

Synonyms: Substitution, understatement, circumlocution.

Antonyms: Bluntness, directness, frankness.

Sentence: Instead of saying someone was fired, the manager used the euphemism "let go" to soften the impact of the news.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Lacking substance, intelligence, or meaningful content; empty-headed or lacking thought.

Synonyms: Empty, mindless, shallow, devoid.

Antonyms: Intelligent, thoughtful, substantive.

Sentence: The speaker's vacuous remarks left the audience unimpressed and longing for more substantial content.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Willing to cooperate or be influenced; responsive to suggestion or advice.

Synonyms: Cooperative, compliant, agreeable, receptive.

Antonyms: Uncooperative, resistant, unyielding.

Sentence: Despite the challenges, she proved to be amenable to new ideas and approaches in the team meeting.


Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning : A large group or collection, typically of people or things.

Synonyms: Group, cluster, collection, assembly.

Antonyms: Individual, solo, solitary.

Sentence: A bevy of colorful birds gathered around the feeder in the garden.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Continuing for an extended period without interruption or weakening.

Synonyms: Continuous, prolonged, persistent.

Antonyms: Intermittent, brief, short-lived.

Sentence: The team's sustained effort resulted in the successful completion of the project.

As a Verb (Sustain): Meaning: To support, uphold, or endure over time.

Synonyms: Maintain, uphold, endure.

Antonyms: Discontinue, collapse, fail.

Sentence: It is crucial to sustain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout.


Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Lacking experience, wisdom, or sophistication; innocent or simple in outlook.

Synonyms: Innocent, inexperienced, unsophisticated, guileless.

Antonyms: Experienced, sophisticated, worldly, cynical.

Sentence: His naive trust in strangers often led him into risky situations.


Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: People or entities that work together on a project or task, often with shared goals.

Synonyms: Partners, coworkers, colleagues, allies.

Antonyms: Adversaries, competitors, opponents.

Sentence: The team of scientists and engineers were effective collaborators in developing the groundbreaking technology.


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: To form, compose, or make up; to be the parts or elements of something.

Synonyms: Comprise, form, make up, compose.

Antonyms: Disintegrate, break up, dismantle.

Sentence: The various departments constitute the entire organization.



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