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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 24-02-2024

Mahendra Guru

1. ARBITRARY मनमाना

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system; unrestrained and determined by individual discretion.

Synonyms: Capricious, random, whimsical, discretionary, subjective.

Antonym: Systematic, rational, methodical, deliberate, objective.

Example Sentence: The decision to choose the project manager seemed arbitrary, as there was no clear criteria for the selection.

2. RAMPANT अनियंत्रित

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: spreading rapidly and uncontrollably.

Synonyms: Uncontrolled, widespread, prevalent, epidemic, pervasive.

Antonym: Controlled, restrained, limited, subdued.

Example Sentence: The rumor about the impending layoffs became rampant in the office, causing anxiety among employees.

3. VAGUE अस्पष्ट

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed; lacking definite shape, form, or meaning.

Synonyms: Uncertain, unclear, indefinite, ambiguous, imprecise.

Antonym: Clear, definite, specific, precise, explicit.

Example Sentence: The instructions were vague, leaving the team confused about the specific steps to be taken.

4. PROSPECTIVE भविष्य संबंधी

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Likely to happen or expected in the future; potential or anticipated.

Synonyms: Potential, likely, forthcoming, future, anticipated.

Antonym: Unlikely, improbable, not expected, retrospective.

Example Sentence: The prospective employee had an impressive resume, showcasing skills and experiences that aligned with the company's needs.

5. OFT अक्सर

Parts of Speech: ADVERB

Meaning : Frequently; often. It is an archaic or poetic form of the word "often."

Synonyms: Frequently, regularly, often, repeatedly.

Antonym: Rarely, seldom, infrequently, occasionally.

Example Sentence: The geospatial analysis of satellite imagery helped researchers map and monitor changes in land use over time..

6. AFOUL टकरार

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: In a state of collision, conflict, or entanglement; in a state of disorder or disagreement.

Synonyms: Adversely, conflictingly, amiss, awry, at odds.

Antonym: Smoothly, harmoniously, agreeably, in alignment.

Example Sentence: The negotiations went afoul when both parties failed to reach a consensus on key issues.

7. THRIVING उन्नति शील

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Growing or developing vigorously; flourishing; being successful and prosperous.

Synonyms: Flourishing, prospering, successful, booming

Antonym: Struggling, failing, declining, deteriorating.

Example Sentence: Despite initial challenges, the small business is now thriving in the competitive market.

8. EXTANT वर्तमान

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Still in existence; not destroyed, lost, or extinct.

Synonyms: Existing, surviving, present, remaining.

Antonym: Extinct, destroyed, lost, nonexistent.

Example Sentence: The ancient manuscript is the only extant copy of that particular text.

9. WITHHOLD बचाना

Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: To refrain from giving or granting; to hold back; to keep back or retain.

Synonyms: Retain, hold back, keep, refuse, detain.

Antonym: Release, give, offer, provide, disclose.

Example Sentence: The teacher decided to withhold the grades until all the assignments were submitted.


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