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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 12-02-2024

Mahendra Guru


Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: The act of calling upon or summoning a supernatural or magical force; performing tricks or illusions as a magician.

Synonym: Summoning, evoking, invoking, producing

Antonym: Dispersing, banishing, dismissing

Example Sentence: The magician mesmerized the audience by conjuring a rabbit out of an empty hat.

2. CATHARSIS शुद्धि

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions, often achieved through some form of art, expression, or experience.

Synonym: Emotional release, purification, purgation, cleansing

Antonym: Repression, suppression

Example Sentence: Watching a tragic play provided a catharsis for the audience, allowing them to release pent-up emotions.

3. BOTCHING गड़बड़ करना

Parts of Speech: VERB

Meaning: The act of carrying out a task or job poorly or incompetently; to execute something clumsily or with mistakes.

Synonym: Mishandling, bungling, messing up, mismanaging

Antonym: Executing skillfully, managing competently, handling proficiently

Example Sentence: The chef was afraid of botching the recipe, so he followed the instructions carefully.

4. SPECTRUM विस्तार

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: A broad range or sequence of related but different things, ideas, or activities; a continuum of different elements or qualities.

Synonym: Range, gamut, variety, scope

Antonym: Uniformity, sameness, homogeneity

Example Sentence: The political opinions in the country span a wide spectrum, from conservative to liberal.

5. STAGNANT स्थिर

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning : Not flowing or moving; lacking in activity, progress, or development; showing little or no growth or advancement.

Synonym: Inactive, still, motionless, sluggish

Antonyms : Active, dynamic, flowing, progressing

Example Sentence: The pond became stagnant, covered with algae, due to the lack of fresh water circulation.

6. POSTERITY आपके बाद के पीढ़ियाँ

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: Future generations; all of a person's descendants or the people who will exist in the future.

Synonym: Descendants, progeny, future generations, offspring

Antonym: Ancestors, forebears, past generations

Example Sentence: The artist created a time capsule to be opened by posterity, containing artifacts and messages from the present era.

7. CONSILIENT समरूपी

Parts of Speech: ADJ.

Meaning: Showing the ability to bounce back from adversity, adapt to change, or recover quickly

Synonym: Resilient, adaptive, flexible, robust

Antonym: Fragile, vulnerable, inflexible, delicate

Example Sentence: The consilient community demonstrated strength and unity in rebuilding after the natural disaster.

8. BUNGLED बिगाड़ना

Parts of Speech: ADJ./VERB

Meaning: Characterized by mistakes, confusion, or mismanagement; poorly executed or handled.

To handle or manage (a task, situation, etc.) clumsily or incompetently.

Synonym: Mishandle, mismanage, botch, fumble

Antonym: Successful, proficient, skillful

Example Sentence: The bungled attempt to fix the plumbing resulted in a flooded kitchen.

He bungled the presentation by forgetting key points and stumbling over his words.

9. HINDSIGHT पछतावा, विचारात्मक दृष्टिकोण

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: Understanding or perception of events or situations after they have occurred; the ability to see or comprehend things more clearly after they have happened.

Synonym: Retrospection, insight, reflection, afterthought

Antonyms: Foresight, anticipation, prediction

Example Sentence: In hindsight, he realized that taking the job offer would have been a better decision.

10. ASSERTION अभिकथन

Parts of Speech: NOUN

Meaning: The act of confidently stating or declaring something, often without providing proof or evidence; a strong, forceful expression of one's views or opinions.

Synonym: Declaration, statement, proclamation, affirmation

Antonym: Doubt, hesitation, denial, retraction

Example Sentence: The professor made a bold assertion about the future of technology, predicting significant advancements in the next decade.


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