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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 13-01-2024

Mahendra Guru


Meaning: to create obstacles or difficulties, to impede progress, or to prevent something from happening smoothly.

Synonyms: Impede, obstruct, hamper, delay.

Antonyms: Facilitate, assist, aid.

Sentence: Lack of proper resources may hinder the team's ability to complete the project on time..


Meaning: the set limits, boundaries, or conditions that define or restrict the scope or behavior of something.

Synonyms: Limits, boundaries, constraints, conditions.

Antonyms: Freedoms, open-endedness, flexibility.

Sentence: The scientist established specific parameters for the experiment to ensure accurate results.


Meaning: To adjudge means to officially declare or announce a judgment, decision, or verdict after careful consideration, especially in a legal or formal context.

Synonyms: Decided, ruled, determined, pronounced.

Antonyms: Overturned, reversed, acquitted.

Sentence: The defendant was adjudged guilty by the jury after a thorough examination of the evidence.


Meaning: levels or ranks in a hierarchical structure or system. It is often used to describe different levels of authority, responsibility, or importance within an organization or military.

Synonyms: Levels, tiers, ranks, strata.

Antonyms: Equality, uniformity, homogeneity.

Sentence: The corporate structure had several echelons, each with distinct roles and responsibilities.


Meaning: to establish or solidify something firmly, often to the point of making it difficult to change or dislodge.

Synonyms: Establish, fortify, embed, reinforce.

Antonyms: Dislodge, uproot, weaken.

Sentence: The new policies were designed to entrench ethical practices within the organization.


Meaning: To hinder, obstruct, or thwart the progress, development, or accomplishment of something.

Synonyms: impede, thwart, frustrate.

Antonyms: Assist, facilitate, promote.

Sentence: The unexpected budget cuts threatened to stymie the completion of the infrastructure project.


Meaning: a state of inactivity, lack of progress, or a condition where growth or development is halted.

Synonyms: Inactivity, standstill, lethargy, inertia.

Antonyms: Progress, growth, advancement, dynamism.

Sentence: The economic stagnation was evident in the lack of job opportunities and slow industry growth.


Meaning: a peculiar or unexpected aspect, behavior, or characteristic that deviates from the normal or expected.

Synonyms: Eccentricity, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity.

Antonyms: Norm, conventionality, conformity.

Sentence: Her quirk of always wearing mismatched socks became her signature style.


Meaning: a tendency to believe things too readily, being overly gullible or easily convinced without sufficient evidence or critical evaluation.

Synonyms: Gullibility, naivety, trustfulness, susceptibility.

Antonyms: Skepticism, disbelief, distrust, caution.

Sentence: His credulity led him to fall for various online scams promising quick riches.


Meaning: a narrow-minded or limited perspective, often characterized by a focus on local or narrow interests to the exclusion of broader or more global views.

Synonyms: Narrow-mindedness, provincialism, insularity, myopia.

Antonyms: Open-mindedness, cosmopolitanism, broad-mindedness, global awareness.

Sentence: The mayor's parochialism hindered progress as he focused solely on local issues, ignoring broader regional concerns.


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