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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 07-12-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-RECKONING(NOUN): The action or process of calculating or estimating something.

Synonyms: Calculation, computation, tally, accounting, enumeration, assessment.

Antonyms: Disregard, neglect, ignorance, indifference.

Example Sentence: After a careful reckoning of the expenses, they realized they had exceeded their budget.

2-RECKONING(VERB): To calculate or estimate; to settle accounts.

Synonyms: Calculate, compute, tally, figure, assess, evaluate.

Antonyms: Disregard, ignore, neglect.

Example Sentence: The accountant spent hours reckoning the company's financial statements to ensure accuracy.

3-WRANGLING(NOUN): A noisy or angry dispute or argument; the act of engaging in argumentative or contentious discussions.

Synonyms: Quarreling, arguing, dispute, squabble, contention, disagreement.

Antonyms: Agreement, concord, harmony, cooperation.

Example Sentence: The political wrangling over the proposed legislation lasted for weeks without a resolution.

4-WRANGLING(VERB): Engaging in argumentative or contentious discussions; herding or controlling animals, especially horses or cattle.

Synonyms: Argue, quarrel, dispute, brawl, contend, grapple.

Antonyms: Agree, reconcile, harmonize, cooperate.

Example Sentence: The team spent the entire afternoon wrangling over the best approach to solve the project's challenges.

5-UNABATED (ADJECTIVE): Without any reduction in intensity or strength; continuing at full force.

Synonyms: Unchecked, undiminished, unrelenting, unabridged, relentless, unceasing.

Antonyms: Diminished, reduced, abated, weakened, subdued.

Example Sentence: Despite the storm's fury, the musician played on with unabated enthusiasm, captivating the audience.

6-ARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): Expressing oneself clearly and effectively; having the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

Synonyms: Fluent, eloquent, expressive, lucid, coherent, well-spoken.

Antonyms: Inarticulate, incoherent, unclear, mumbled, unintelligible.

Example Sentence: The professor was known for his articulate explanations, making complex concepts easily understandable to his students.

7-ARTICULATE (VERB): To express thoughts, ideas, or feelings clearly and coherently; to pronounce words distinctly.

Synonyms: Express, communicate, convey, vocalize, enunciate, verbalize.

Antonyms: Mumble, slur, garble, stammer, muddle.

Example Sentence: She could articulate her thoughts in a way that persuaded others, making her an effective spokesperson for the team.

8-REITERATED(VERB): Repeated or said again, usually for emphasis or clarity.

Synonyms: Repeat, restate, echo, emphasize, reaffirm, recapitulate.

Antonyms: Disregard, ignore, neglect, abandon, forget.

Example Sentence: The teacher reiterated the importance of studying regularly to ensure success in the upcoming exams.

9-TOPPLED (VERB): Overturned or caused to fall; to tumble or fall over, especially as a result of instability.

Synonyms: Overturn, collapse, tumble, fall, overthrow, upend.

Antonyms: Upright, stabilize, erect, build, establish.

Example Sentence: The strong winds toppled several trees in the neighborhood, blocking roads and causing power outages.

10-PERCEIVED(VERB): Became aware of, noticed, or recognized through the senses or intellect.

Synonyms: Recognized, discerned, observed, detected, understood, grasped.

Antonyms: Overlooked, ignored, missed, neglected, misunderstood.

Example Sentence: She perceived a subtle change in his tone and realized that something was bothering him.


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