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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 06-12-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-SOVEREIGNTY(NOUN): Supreme power or authority; the authority of a state to govern itself or another state.

Autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, authority.

Antonyms: Subjugation, dependence, vassalage, colonialism.

Sentence: The country fought for its sovereignty and independence from foreign rule.

2-REFERENDUM(NOUN): A general vote by the electorate on a specific political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.

Popular vote, public vote, plebiscite, ballot.

Antonyms: Representative decision, legislative decision, executive decision.

Sentence: The government decided to hold a referendum to allow the citizens to decide on the proposed constitutional changes.

3-HYPERINFLATION (NOUN): An extremely high and typically accelerating inflation, leading to a rapid and significant decrease in the purchasing power of a currency.

Runaway inflation, excessive inflation, out-ofcontrol inflation.

Antonyms: Stability, deflation

Sentence: The country experienced hyperinflation, causing prices to skyrocket and making basic goods unaffordable for many.

4-WOES (NOUN): Suffering, distress, or trouble; typically used to refer to a person's troubles or difficulties.

Troubles, hardships, difficulties, adversity, misfortune.

Antonyms: Joys, blessings, prosperity, well-being, success.

Sentence: The economic downturn brought about financial woes for many families.

5-CURSORY(ADJECTIVE): Hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough or detailed.

Superficial, perfunctory, quick, brief, shallow.

Antonyms: Thorough, meticulous, detailed, careful, comprehensive.

Sentence: Due to time constraints, I could only give the report a cursory glance before the meeting.

6-GARNERED (VERB): Gathered, collected, or accumulated (something, especially information or support) gradually over time.

Accumulated, gathered, collected, amassed, obtained.

Antonyms: Dissipated, dispersed, scattered, squandered.

Sentence: After years of hard work, she finally garnered enough support to launch her own business.

7-ASSIDUOUS(ADJECTIVE): Showing great care, attention, and effort; marked by careful and persistent application or effort.

Diligent, industrious, conscientious, thorough, meticulous.

Antonyms: Negligent, lazy, careless, inattentive, indifferent.

Sentence: The student was assiduous in her studies, spending hours in the library every day.

8-HEFT(VERB): To lift or carry something heavy with effort.

lift, hoist, carry, haul.

Antonyms: drop, release, lower.

Sentence: The heft of the package surprised me; it was heavier than I expected.


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