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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 02-12-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-INDICTMENT(NOUN): A formal accusation or charge of a serious crime.

Synonyms: Accusation, charge, allegation, prosecution

Antonyms: Acquittal, exoneration, vindication

Sentence: The grand jury issued an indictment against the suspect, charging him
with embezzlement and fraud.

2-STAKE(noun): A strong, pointed stick or post driven into the ground; a financial interest or involvement in an enterprise.

Synonyms: Post, pole, stick, investment, interest.

Antonyms: Uninvolvement, disinterest.

Sentence: The vampire was destroyed by driving a wooden stake through its heart.

3-ILLICIT (adjective): Forbidden by law, rules, or custom; illegal; unlawful.

Synonyms: Illegal, unlawful, prohibited, unauthorized.

Antonyms: Legal, lawful, permissible, authorized.

Sentence: The detective uncovered an illicit operation involving the smuggling
of contraband goods.

4-OUTRAGE (noun) : An extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation; a gross violation of right or decency.

Synonyms: Indignation, fury, anger, rage

Antonyms: Approval, praise, admiration.

Sentence: The news of the scandal caused a public outrage, demanding immediate

5-UPFRONT (adjective) :  Straightforward and honest; frank.

Adverb: In advance; beforehand.

Synonyms: Frank, honest

Antonyms: Deceptive, dishonest, deceitful.

Sentence : Adjective: "I appreciate your upfront and honest feedback on the project."

Adverb: "They requested payment upfront before starting the construction project."

6-INKLING (noun) : A slight, vague, or indirect idea or suspicion; a hint.

Synonyms: Hint, suggestion, clue, intimation.

Antonyms: Certainty, clarity, assurance.

Sentence: After finding a few cryptic notes on his desk, she had an inkling that her colleagues were planning a surprise for her birthday.

7-GRAVE(NOUN&ADJ.) : (noun): A place of burial for a dead body; a tomb.

                                 : (adjective) Serious, solemn, or giving cause for alarm or concern.

Synonyms: sepulcher, crypt, burial place somber, weighty.

Antonyms: Birthplace, cradle , Light, trivial

Sentence: The news about the pandemic had a grave impact on the community, leading to a sense of collective concern. 

The family gathered at the grave to pay their final respects to their departed loved one.

8-HINGES(NOUN): Hinges are mechanical devices consisting of two interconnecting pieces attached to a door, gate, lid, or the like, allowing it to swing open and close.

Synonyms: Joints, pivots, connectors, articulations.

Antonyms: Fixed point, immovable joint.

Sentence: The old wooden door creaked as its rusty hinges reluctantly allowed it to swing open.

9-TRANSPIRE(VERB): To occur, happen, or take place, typically used to describe events or information becoming known.

Synonyms: Occur, happen, take place, unfold, happen.

Antonyms: Conceal, hide, suppress.

Sentence: After hours of negotiations, it transpired that the two parties had reached a compromise.

10-SAGACITY(NOUN): The quality of being sagacious; the ability to make good judgments and decisions.

Synonyms: Wisdom, discernment, insight, intelligence, shrewdness

Antonyms: Folly, foolishness, imprudence, ignorance.

Sentence: Her sagacity in handling complex situations and making wise decisions earned her the respect of her colleagues.


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