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The Vocab Master For All Competitive Exams | 01-12-2023

Swati Mahendras


1-MOBILISED(VERB): To organize or prepare resources, equipment, or people for a
particular purpose, especially for military action or a social or political cause.

Synonyms: Deployed, Marshaled

Antonyms: Dismantle

Sentence: The government mobilized emergency services to respond to the natural disaster.

2-AUGER(noun) : A tool or device with a helical blade for boring holes in wood, ice, soil, or other materials.

Synonyms: Digger, Reamer , Twist drill

Antonyms: Plug, Stopper , Block

Sentence: The farmer employed an auger attachment on the tractor to dig post holes
for the fence.

3-RUBBLE (noun): Broken fragments of rocks, bricks, or other materials, especially debris from the remains of a building, structure, or demolition.

Synonyms: Detritus , Ruins , Wreckage

Antonyms: Intact, Order, Construction

Sentence: The demolition crew cleared away the rubble from the old building to make room for a new construction project.

4-CAVERN (noun): A large underground chamber, typically in a cave or a hollow in the earth.

Synonyms: Vault , Chasm , Cavity

Antonyms: Hilltop, Exterior , Ridge

Sentence : The cavern was home to a unique species of bats that thrived in the underground environment.

5-FERVOUR (noun): Intense and passionate feeling or enthusiasm.

Synonyms: Excitement , Frenzy , Devotion

Antonyms: Complacency, Detachment , Insouciance

Sentence : The crowd erupted in fervour as the team scored the winning goal.

6-RECURRENCE (noun): The act, state, or frequency of occurring again or repeatedly; the return or reappearance of something.

Synonyms: Repetition, Return, Iteration

Antonyms: Cessation, Interruption, Suspension

Sentence: After the successful treatment, the patient was closely monitored to detect any recurrence of symptoms.

7-DEFYING (VERB) : To openly resist or refuse to obey; to challenge or confront with resistance.

Synonyms: rebel , confront , contravene

Antonyms: comply , Conform , surrender

Sentence: The athlete's remarkable recovery from injury was a testament to his defiant spirit, defying all expectations.


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